11th Gen Civic Si Build – So It Begins!

11th Gen Civic Si Build – So It Begins!

Apr 27, 2023Austen Wageman

With our years of experience and success with the 10th Gen Civic Si, we couldn’t wait to push forward with the new elegant redesigned 11th Gen Civic Si. It has all the same features we love from a well-connected manual transmission, a spunky 1.5L turbo engine, and a practical design with great handling.

When starting with such an extensive history on the 10th gen near and dear to our hearts, our priorities were verifying the same areas of improvement and capabilities of the car long term. As suspected, the engine has a lot of room for output and response, and the sensations given by the chassis and exhaust note are there to amplify. The first order of business was putting the car on the dyno and getting baseline readings.

11th Gen Civic Si Mods

The obvious question for many was whether or not existing parts would work on the new car. We dove right in, pulling many components out of the car to check fitment and compare how designs may be affected going forward. Though there is hope for much of our existing groundwork to be applied, there was plenty to optimize or start from the ground up to make the most of the new Civic. Everything from the intercooler, intake, 11th gen Civic Si exhaust, and more will be fully analyzed and tested!

With the R&D team preoccupied with the various areas of the car, MAP has also invested in lots of community involvement and discussion. The goal is to deliver exactly what owners want, through feedback, open conversations, and many owners we’re partnering with to get thorough impressions to make the best decisions going forward for the R&D team to execute. We understand that every car and driver is unique, and making the most of our intricate and thoughtful design process is important to us and our customers.

We’re extremely fortunate and excited to continue improvements, and to deliver a complete, well-rounded package for 11th Gen Si owners in the future. Keep in touch with our team and progress as we push forward with product updates and let us know your ideas!

11th Gen Civic Si Specs

We're currently putting the 11th gen to the test and can't wait to share our dyno results with you as soon as they're available. In the meantime, here are some basic specs. Stay tuned for more updates.

  • Four-cylinder 1.5-liter 200 hp turbocharged engine.
  • 0-60: Just under 7 seconds
  • Top speed: 137 mph

11th Gen Civic Si Build by MAPerformance

11th Gen Civic Build by MAPerformance


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