Corolla GR Specs – Quick Notes

Corolla GR Specs – Quick Notes

Apr 19, 2023Kevin Boeselager

Ever since we caught wind of the GR Corolla we’ve been eager to get our hands on one. With three cylinders, 300 horsepower, and all-wheel drive, what’s not to like?

Upon taking delivery of our GR Corolla, we began to do some preliminary testing with our engineering team. We found the car to be well-connected to the driver and just fast enough to be a great daily driver. However, we’re not in the business of “just fast enough” and shortly after the test drives, we got the car into the air to see what we had to work with.

With 100 horsepower per cylinder, the power output is already impressive for such a small engine. With the bumper off the car, one of the main improvements became obvious. Although for stock power the OEM intercooler may be big enough, in relative terms, it’s quite small and something that anyone looking for more power will benefit from.

  • GR Corolla 0-60: 4.99 seconds
  • GR Corolla HP and Torque: 300hp/273lb-ft
  • GR Corolla Engine: 1.6L 3-Cylinder

GR Corolla Exhaust

While part of the engineering team was busy on the intercooler, the rest of our team was focused on scanning the OEM exhaust. With three exhaust outlets, there were plenty of directions to take the design. With the help of the community, we’ve started development of a prototype dual exit exhaust with a panel to block the middle exit.

We’re excited to continue our development on the GR Corolla and bring some unique products to the market. Be sure to sign-up to be notified of further updates!

GR Corolla Exhaust

GR Corolla Aftermarket Exhaust by MAPerformance

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