X-Force Stainless Steel Cat-Back System | 2008-2010 Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan (ES-SW20-CBS)

Varex Muffler / XForce Exhaust


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Stainless Steel Cat-Back System by X-Force

XForce offers a range of uniquely engineered and designed stainless steel bolt on exhaust systems that bolt directly to existing mounting points making installation easy.

They are built to perform well, with materials designed for longevity and like all XForce exhaust systems they  look great!  The unique header design increases power throughout the rev range, while providing  a great engine audio note – make it roar!

VAREX mufflers utilizes patented technology to combine both the design technology of the stock muffler and the performance muffler into one single compact unit. A sophisticated butterfly valve mechanism is implemented to redirect the exhaust gas flow and vary be-tween the two. For higher sound level, the exhaust flows are directed through the opening path and produces maximum power with a robust sound level (or the “sports car note”) and near-zero resistance.


  • Uniquely engineered and designed
  • Bolt directly to existing mounting points making installation easy
  • Built to perform well, with materials designed for longevity


  • 2008-2010 Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan

What's In The Box?

  • Cat-Back System

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Damaged axle, not as advertised

Everything appeared to install fine, but the exhaust contacted the left rear axle, tearing the axle boot. The car is dead stock, so a clearance issue was pretty unexpected.

The delivered exhaust doesn't look like the advertised image. I was hoping for something without cheesy branding, but this has a big "X" on the split that's easily visible from behind. Completely not what I wanted.

The sound is ok. It has a nice burble at idle that becomes a loud, annoying putter at highway speed. After first install it was raspy and grating, but it quickly smoothed out over time, and within a few weeks settled in to where it is now. I'd listened to a bunch of videos for the sound on these, and maybe it's just my ear, but after installation it wasn't quite what I was looking for.

Overall, not impressed. There's less clearance to the ground and to the axle, which ended up damaging my axle boot, the appearance is not what was advertised, and I don't even like the sound.

X-Force Catback - 2010 Forester XT

I purchased this to replace the OEM exhaust on my 2010 Forester XT that is used as our primary kid hauler. It was important that it not be too loud for that reason and I'm very pleased with the sound levels. The material and build quality appear to be very good. If you're purchasing this for an SH chassis Forester XT and are using the OEM down-pipe, make sure to get the Grimmspeed 077046 adapter and also longer exhaust hangers (I used these from Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B085HGXST6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1). If you use the OEM hangers, the exhaust will be in contact with the CV boot and cause issues.

My only real complaint would be that every single nut and bolt are a different size; even the nuts that go on the bolts for the mufflers are a different size than the head of the bolt... You'll need three different size wrenches/sockets for installation. It's mostly just an annoyance but it would have been much nicer to only need one size wrench and/or socket.

Overall it's a great exhaust for the price and I'd definitely recommend it for someone looking for a good quality, nice looking yet pretty quiet exhaust.

Mike Strobl
08 impreza exhaust system

every thing on the exhausts system fit great with exectption of single tail pipe tips were 1/2 inch larger than the muffler exit & had to be adaped to muffler

Daniel Elenbaas
X-Force for the win.

Bought this exhaust for my Forester XT and it is great! Sounds awesome and looks mean with the quad tips!!!

X-Force catback

First of all want to say thanks to Nathan Pazdernic at
MAPerformance for helping me and being understanding on purchasing my exhaust when other companies I spoke with like subi mods , carid and a few others to mention wouldn't help me achieve on trying to get a performance catback exhaust on my 2009 Subaru forester non turbo. Yes you are reading this right! I am living proof that this exhaust fits on my 2009 Subaru forester non turbo. Just need 2 ppl to install and make everything look even also by the way you will have to purchase the grimmspeed Oem downpipe to 3inch adapter as well part # 077046 other than that you should be all set to fit perfectly and it sounds awesome not to loud but you can definitely hear it. For those of you who want that performance sound talk to Nathan about it and thanks again