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  • Wossner Pistons (DSM 7 bolt) - Modern Automotive Performance
  • Wossner Pistons (DSM 7 bolt) - Modern Automotive Performance
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    Wossner Pistons (DSM 7 bolt)

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    Wossner Pistons (DSM 7 bolt) - Modern Automotive Performance

    When we first saw these at their Sema booth in Las Vegas it was clear that Wossner pistons aren't your average piston. The amount and placement of material in the design of the piston resembles what would be considered an "HD" piston by most other piston manufacturers, as does the wristpin. Wossner pistons also come with a "soft" side skirt coating to ensure proper engine break-in. The 8.0:1 compression ratio provides a wide tuning window for daily driven applications, but can handle the abuse of extremely high boost levels on dedicated race vehicles with minimal change in spool characteristics. Wossner pistons should be high on the list of options for anyone looking to build their engine.


    Wossner compression ratio:  
    OEM compression ratio:  
    Piston weight:  


    • (4) pistons
    • full set of rings
    • wrist pins
    • clips
    • low-friction skirt coating