WORKS Exhale Axle-Back Exhaust | 2012-2021 BRZ/FR-S/86 (147.211)

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Exhale Axle-Back Exhaust System by Works

WORKS Exhale Exhaust: The WORKS modular Exhale series components allow BRZ/FR-S enthusiasts to quickly and easily mix and match the MP (Mid Pipe) and AB (Axle Back) with any of the factory exhaust components. All of our jigs are created in-house using the factory OEM exhaust pieces to ensure a precise and perfect fit every time. The Exhale series are all manufactured in-house using mandrel bends, and includes all of the necessary gaskets, hardware and installation instructions.

With the exclusive WORKS Exhale AB (Axle Back) bolt-on exhaust, it is a straight through design. Features 64mm (2.5") tubing, T-304 stainless steel 455mm (18") glasspack resonator and beautiful 102mm (4.0") double walled (prevents yellowing and heat exposure to rear bumper), T-304 stainless polished tips with the "WORKS" etched logo. The tips are also positioned to match the contour of the bumper. Direct bolt-on to the factory flange and utilizes all 4 hanger locations with OEM-style mushroom end hangers for precise fitment and swaps back to stock in minutes. Includes gasket and simple installation instructions.

By itself, the gains (~2 HP) are minimal in NA (naturally aspirated) form. Further gains are obtained by including the WORKS MP to complete the cat-back system. You will save 10.5 lbs. with the WORKS AB but furthermore it produces what some say is the best sounding BRZ/FR-S exhaust they've heard! The volume is not too loud and not too quiet. Mild mannered during cruise and aggressive when you open it up. The tone is a controlled, deep, throaty growl that lets others know your BRZ/FR-S means business!


  • Direct bolt-on to OEM or WORKS Mid Pipe
  • Utilizes and maintains all four hanger mounting points
  • OEM-style mushroom end hangers for proper engagement
  • 4" Stainless Steel Double Walled Tips
  • Deep, throaty sound quality
  • Not too loud or droney
  • 10.5 lbs. lighter than stock

Please Note: The Axle-Back will not result in a loss of low-end torque. The nice thing about the exhaust is that it makes a little bit of power everywhere throughout most of the RPM range. Not just at the peak or one area.


  • 2012 - 2021 Subaru BRZ
  • 2012 - 2020 Toyota FT86/GT86
  • 2013 - 2016 Scion FR-S

What's In The Box?

  • 1 - Exhale Axle-Back Exhaust
  • Necessary Gaskets and Hardware
  • Installation Instructions


  • Manufacturer Standard Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I was extremely pleased with the end result of this axle back! Before I get into the nitty gritty, I want to thank works immensely for packaging the AB very well and also including a neat little box with a gasket replacement, instructions, as well as a few gifts being a keychain you can proudly place on your keys stating works as well as a bumper cover replacement that was a pretty basic black for the most part but boasted the works logo subtly which I found pleasing because I didn't quite like the bumper cover from the dealer. Now for the preparation and installation, it couldn't have been more cut and dry. Remove two bolts, jointing the front pipe to the muffler. Then pop out the stock muffler off of 4 rubber mounts. It took me a minute in particular, because the two bolts I was working with had seen some time and were a tad rusted. But I managed to get them off and crank them back on. Putting on the Works AB was a breeze, after prying off the stock one. It couldn't have been easier. Prop it on the four rubber mounts, Works makes it extremely easy because there mounting solution is actually factory fitted. Getting it into place, replacing the gasket, and tightening the bolts. I suggest Vaseline for the four mounting points on the AB as it slides right into the four rubber mounts with ease, making it much less of a hassle. After all is said and done, the car is transformed significantly! Its sound amplitude is way larger than stock, but still keeping a nice and subtle idle. When applying the gas, you can actually appreciate the cars lack of power due to the end result in sound. It's very refine but not to aggressive, just a tad louder. The best part about this axle back is that it so desperately wants to crackle and pop when engine braking or on a down shift. If upshifting quickly, it creates this valve like muffle and its most certainly ear candy. I love what this exhaust has done to my car and can't wait to hear what it has to offer once everything is said and done with the exhaust system. Thank you Maperformance for shipping this item so timely! You most certainly have my business for many mods to come!


Very good

Patrick Balcom
Sound is incredible

The sound this exhaust puts out is just what the car needed. A low grumble at idle thru 2500 rpm, then when you rip on it the thing screams, but not too loud. You actually hear the engine over the exhaust at higher rpms. Not rice, just real nice!!!!! And the turn around was great it took 12 days for it to show up, that includes them building it and shipping.

Easy install, sounds good at higher RPMs

The install was easy and the exhaust sounds great at 4000 RPMs or higher; it is a deep and throaty sound. At lower RPMs or during idle, the exhaust has that generic "hum" which doesn't sound bad. The tips look exponentially better than the stock tips and appear to be of high quality. Overall I am happy with the product and so far it has been worth the amount I paid for it.

eduardo carlos orellana limon
Great features

very good , grate sound amazing look 2.5 hp gains the tips loyo awesome so the souud is reale grate thanks