Weapon R Secret Weapon Air Intake System Acura RSX Tyoe S

Weapon R

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The Secret Weapon Intake was designed, to increase air intake volume to the engine. The concept is to create two different air velocity profiles, one traveling at higher speeds than the other. This technology increases air volume and speed to the engine, which naturally feeds the engine 3x more air than the conventional air intake system. The intake pipe is bent out of high quality 6061 Aluminum on our Automated CNC mandrel bender. Polished to a high show quality finish. The SW1 Air filter features a tuned velocity stack to increase velocity and decrease turbulence. The Secret Weapon uses two important laws of physics to increase airflow. The first law is Boyles law. This law basically states that as air velocity increases, its volume increases as well, while the pressure decreases. The second law is the Bernoulli Equation, where a moving fluid (in this case air) has a lower pressure than air that is standing still, or is moving slowly. This same law is used in NASCAR for both downforce and "drafting." When we increase the air velocity in the intake, we create a low pressure area that draws a higher volume of air than a standard intake would. In layman's terms, we are creating a vacuum effect using natural laws of physics.
Pipes only come in polished. Due to some manufactures restraints some intakes only have a single tube design. Prices have been adjusted to compensate for this. Every Intake will come with the SW Filter!

    * 1 Million Mile Limited Warranty
    * Open pore high density re-usable foam
    * SW Intakes US Patent #7263961
    * Award Winning Dual Tube Velocity Design
    * Mandrel Bent 6061 T6 Aluminum Intake Tubing with Polished finish
    * Hoses & Couplers
    * Stainless Steel Clamps
    * WR High Flow SW Performance Air Filter
    * Intake Bracket & Screw In Vibration Mount
    * WR Stickers & Catalogs

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