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  • Weapon R Secret Weapon Air Filter - Modern Automotive Performance
  • Weapon R Secret Weapon Air Filter - Modern Automotive Performance
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    Weapon R Secret Weapon Air Filter | (710-111-101)

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    Weapon R Secret Weapon Air Filter - Modern Automotive Performance

    The Secret Weapon Air Filter is an result of countless hours of testing and tuning of air intake velocity, Air mass and Airspeed. The Result, an Air filter that performs better than any other air filters available in the market today Secret Weapon Air Filter provides maximum airflow, with the protection of high quality dense Poly Urethane Foam. Many studies have shown Flow rates of up to 80% more Air and Better Dirt Filtration with Foam Filter than the conventional cotton filter. The Secret Weapon Air Filter's main feature is an CAD Designed and Flow benched Tested Velocity Stack, which greatly increases airflow ,airspeed and air mass into the engine, therefore increasing engine performance. Another one of the Secret Weapon Air Filter's great features are the capability to be disassembled to be cleaned and then re-assembled after cleanings or to change the color of the foam filtering element. The Filtering element of the Secret Weapon Air Filter uses Open Cell Technology, which traps dirt particles entering your engine. Dirt Particles in your engine means lower performance, lower gas mileage, and engine wear. The EPA has estimated that a dirty filter can cause a 10% decrease in fuel efficiency. Because performance gauze and paper filters are only 1/16 of an inch thick, the minute you start driving they get dirty, start to clog and restrict air flow causing a loss in performance. The Weapon*R Air Filters do not clog because our foam filtering element is 16 times thicker than performance gauze or paper. Our Open Cell Technology foam allows air to flow around the captured dirt. Unlike other filters, Weapon*R Air Filters provides great airflow even when it gets dirty.

    Important Note: This item is not vehicle specific. It is compatible with a wide range of applications and is therefore displayed on our site regardless of your vehicle selection. Please review the specifications and verify compatibility prior to placing your order.