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  • PowerTrain Technology Twin Clutch (DSM) - Modern Automotive Performance
  • PowerTrain Technology Twin Clutch (DSM) - Modern Automotive Performance
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    PowerTrain Technology Twin Clutch (DSM)

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    PowerTrain Technology Twin Clutch (DSM) - Modern Automotive Performance


    Get the maximum performance out of your Diamond Star! You've got the big turbo, huge intercooler, big injectors, a nitrous shot for good measure, & maybe even a big crank. Now get the best clutch & flywheel there is to put behind your hard earned horsepower. PTT's ultimate Mitsu drag clutch features race winning low MOI combined with PTT bullet-proof reliability.

    In drag racing, the launch is everything. This is the clutch that will stand up to what you have to throw at it. Once you get the car launched is when the PTT MOI advantage starts to kick in. This is the lowest MOI metallic clutch & flywheel you can put behind your engine. Every shift you throw, the low MOI clutch discs allow you to shift quicker, and the clutch allows your engine to rev faster. The result? Lower ET's, & Higher Trap Speeds. We have had some racers report as much as a 7/10 second reduction in ET after installing this clutch system! A half second ET reduction is very common!

    This clutch features a billet aluminum clutch cover with flush mount fasteners and brutally strong .20" thick clutch discs, resulting in a clutch with a reduced overall height. (3/8" lower than our nearest competitor's clutch!) That means you have no need to grind on, (and weaken) your clutch fork. Everything clears! Specially engineered clutch hubs practically eliminate the problems caused by excessive input shaft run-out common to the diamond star cars. Specially designed diaphragm spring and internal mounting system eliminate the extremely high loads on your engine's thrust bearing. Small diameter, radius faced release bearing reduces pedal effort to round out the package.

    Engineered in reliability; Race winning performance; Legendary PTT Quality; Turn-key installation; Attention to all the 'little' details; Lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Put one in your car, and discover how quick you can really go!