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  • MR-Style Left Fog Lamp Grille (Evo X)
  • MR-Style Left Fog Lamp Grille (Evo X)

    MR-Style Left Fog Lamp Grille (Evo X)

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    MR-Style Left Fog Lamp Grille (Evo X)

    Pictured is the Left MR Grille Mesh. If you own a GSR - use this to make your left and right sides match.

    Customer Reviews

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    Great product, looks great, great quality easy to install.

    Fast shipping, in great shapr

    Item was as expected! Looks a lot better than the plastic piece. It fits just fine, it's the same style as the other side (both are factory parts) just mirrored... So why would it not fit?

    Awesome mesh grille

    Fits perfect and uses all stock mounting hardware. Best part was not having to remove the front bumper for install.

    Installed on White Evo X GSR - Looks great but not cut or shaped very well.

    I just completed the installation of this part 2 days ago. It is a subtle upgrade if you have a GSR, really obvious if you've owned the car a while. Looks awesome. The good news is that it looks good, the bad news is that it isn't cut very well. Along the top edge it has plenty of overlap to fit over the hole well, on the bottom edge it is barely long enough to cover the opening. If you're looking at it closer than 5ft away you can tell. The wire itself at the tabs at top and bottom was bent funny and bending it back to fit the hole properly cost me some of the paint, it just cracked off. Thankfully it's barely below visibility and you can't see it. But be warned. I used thin craft foam and angled pliers gently and it came off anyway.

    Did NOT have to remove the bumper, but I did have to remove most of the drivers side pop clips under the car, and the two 10mm bolts under the front center of the bumper. Also removed from bottom up, the wheel well liner pop clips to get access to the area. It was not a fun install, took 1 Hr. You'll have to remove the screws that hold the fog light assembly in place on the back of the assembly. The top 2, and bottom is logical, just get in there and you'll see the screws and figure it out. Once you can move the whole assembly around in there, you can slip the stock plastic plate out of the assembly slot after removing the 4 screws that hold it in place. reverse the order and install the new grill piece. The metal tab shown on one end will bolt to the screw holes opposite the fog light (the hardest ones to get at.) then the two screws closer to the fog light go through the mesh tabs top and bottom. Word of advice, use the screws to hold the mesh piece in place loosely until you've got it all positioned. No screws attached it'll slip off its placement too easily and cost you a bit of time. Once it's in place just tighten all the screws down but not too tight, they're just biting into plastic.

    Perfect fit

    Pretty straight forward on installation. Getting the old piece off is the hard part but new piece fits fine.