Grimmspeed Master Cylinder Brace | Multiple Subaru Fitments (091029)

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Master Cylinder Brace for 08-14 WRX/08-13 STI, 07-09 Legacy (VDC), 09-12 Forester by GrimmSpeed

Pressing Subaru brakes leaves a lot to be desired, especially when every inch counts in a race or when you are depending on them to save your life! The dramatic firewall flex is the source of this performance flaw in Subarus that we came to solve. Skipping the "standard bracket" that others have been making we engineered the most simple to install and best performing master cylinder brace on the market.

The GrimmSpeed™ Master Cylinder Brace takes a beating and comes back for more! Crafted from hardcore CNC laser cut 12L14 with multi-point welded fabrication. It is the Abrams Tank of master cylinder braces touting 5 factory mounting points, the most available from any brace. Powdercoated black this brace will outlive your car and win you some style points to boot.

Most importantly this brace kit will kill your wimpy pedal feel and give you the immediate and tight response that your performance car deserves and needs when you hit the track or rally. This brace will give you the confidence similar to that of SS braided brake lines with precision stopping. Not to mention street driving just got a whole lot more fun!


  • Indestructible 12L14 CNC Laser cut construction and black powder coating
  • Large diameter pressure cup (Will not mar and damage the master cylinder like other braces)
  • Most bracket mounting points available (5 strut tower mounting points)
  • Simple Allen key locking mechanism


  • Pedal feel dramatically improved (Similar feeling to SS Braided brake lines)
  • Only brace to not require any cutting or modification of stock components


  • 2008 - 2014 Subaru WRX
  • 2008 - 2013 Subaru STI
  • 2007 - 2009 Subaru Legacy (VDS LGT Only)
  • 2009 - 2012 Subaru Forester

What's In The Box?

  • 1 - Master Cylinder Brace



  • Manufacturer Standard Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Marcus Frost
Well built product

Save yourself the headache and take off the intercooler before you try installing this. Install took maybe 45min including taking the intercooler on/off. However, I did end up needing to ziptie one of the fuel lines back onto the bracket due to space. I did this along with new rotors/pads and a brake fluid flush, so I can't say which part made the most difference, but the brake pedal does seem to feel stiffer than the usual spongy feeling that I usually get when first pressing down the pedal. It's cheap and easy enough that I would recommend this part.

5 stars

Works great in my 13 sti

I paid $95 to bust up my knuckles and use every swear word in the book.

Sorry folks, I'm not very pleased with this product. First off, Grimmspeed's install video is pretty lacking, especially in how it glosses over some of the more involved portions of the install by simply using a dissolve and a casual voiceover "...and now just install that lower bolt". What they don't tell or show you is that there is a metal brake line directly in front of that bolt and there is no tool in existence that can help you get clearance, much less tighten it.
As if the overly-priced hunk of metal and bleeding hands wasn't enough, I truly do not feel much difference at all in both standard and spirited braking. Perhaps my butt-accelerometer is not as sensitive as others'. The pedal may be a bit firmer, but not by much. I'm all for milking every ounce of performance out of your vehicle, but for the trouble of install, I wouldn't really recommend this to anyone unless you're pulling your engine anyway and can crawl in there without any interference. Just get new pads/rotors and save your time.

Bottom line: This product cost $95 and did not make me smile. I like to smile after I pay $95.

PITA to Install but worth it! GREAT PRODUCT

2009 WRX - Built/E85 - DD and Weekend Track

So this took a bit to install... I picked up the product and watched the video on the GrimmSpeed site. They told me how long it would take to install watching the video, but looking at what I had to do I really doubted what they said. However, once trying to install this, I found out it was a PITA and it was going to take the amount of time GrimmSpeed suggested. I am sure my chubby fingers/hands didn't speed up the process.

I 100% love this mod on my car. I have taken my car to BIR with and without this mod and I have to say that the brake response is so much better with it on. Think of it this way.... when you change your brakes and bleed the fluid you know how your system really feels great (on the performance side). Well it is like that, but better and it doesn't fade with time. I installed this last year. It really has made a different both in DD and on the track.

I would suggest doing this mod with any brake upgrade... pads, SS lines or fluid. You can't go wrong improving your brake system. The sad part is most people will overlook this upgrade. Don't be that person! Grab this, improve your setup, be happy!

Thanks for the solid product GrimmSpeed!
Thanks for the local company support MAP!