Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc BlueMAX Injector Set (High-Z) | 2013-2020 Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ (IS177-2150H)

Fuel Injector Clinic
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Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc BlueMAX Injector Set (High-Z)

Subaru BRZ Fuel Injector Clinic Injector Set: 4 x 2150cc Saturated / High Impedance Injectors. These are the largest high impedance injectors available! Utilizing the latest injector technology and featuring state of the art matching with Data Match Technology. Drop-in plug fit! DO NOT USE WITH VP Import, Q16 or OTHER MTBE OXYGENATED FUELS

This massive injector is in a class of its own when low end throttle response and short pulse width control is required. State of the art Data Match Technology dynamic flow matching is used during the production of these injector sets due their large flow rate. This significantly improves the ECU’s ability to control these injectors in the sub 2ms pulse width area, typical of idle and part throttle conditions.

Each injector is individually serial numbered and the results are provided on the Data Match Sheet providing the most complete flow matching and latency value information available in the industry today.

Fuel Injector Clinic injectors are flow tested and rated at 43.5psi (3Bar) at 90ºF fuel temperature using CF-16B calibration fluid.

CAUTION! The internal construction of this 2150cc/min injector includes a seal that has been found to swell when in contact with MTBE from oxygenated fuels like Q16 or VP Import. This swelling causes a significant reduction in flow through the injector and therefore renders it unsuitable for use with MTBE oxygenated fuels. Please be sure to follow the care instructions for these injectors since there are potential corrosion issues that may arise from prolonged disuse while exposed to alcohol based fuels (E85, etc.)


  • Cylinder Quantity 4
  • Impedance High-Z
  • WHP on Gas at 43.5psi 90%DC Turbo 1044
  • WHP on Gas at 58psi 90%DC Turbo 1206.15
  • WHP on E85 at 43.5psi 90%DC Turbo 803
  • WHP on E85 at 58psi 90%DC Turbo 928
  • WHP on Gas at 43.5psi 90%DC NA 1253
  • WHP on Gas at 58psi 90%DC NA 1447
  • WHP on E85 at 43.5psi 90%DC NA 964
  • Fuel Pressure (psi) 43.5
  • Engine aspiration naturally aspirated


  • 2013-2016 Scion FR-S
  • 2013-2021 Subaru BRZ

What's In The Box?

  • (4) Fuel Injectors
  • Pigtails



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