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Boomba Racing Rear Motor Mounts | 2017+ Honda Civic Si (040-00-003)

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10th Gen Civic Si Rear Motor Mount by Boomba Racing

These direct bolt-on mounts combine to replace the rear engine torque damper, significantly improving the vehicle’s traction and shifting response by reducing excessive engine flex. Wheel-hop during hard launches is also completely eliminated thanks to these mounts.

Boomba Racing mounts are machined from high quality aircraft grade billet aluminum for strength, durability and looks. Inside each mount you’ll also find solid poured-in polyurethane bushings with the rigidity carefully chosen to optimize vehicle stability while also minimizing excessive vibration transfer from the motor to the body.


  • Machined from Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum
  • Solid Poured-In Polyurethane Bushings
  • Utilizes All OEM Hardware for Installation
  • Reduces Excessive Engine Flex
  • Available in 4 Different Colors/Finishes


  • Eliminates Wheel Hop
  • Increases Traction
  • Eliminates “Bang Shift”


  • 2017+ Honda Civic Si

What's In The Box?

  • 1 - Rear Motor Mount



  • Manufacturer's Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jonathan Olvera
Solid Motor Mount!

I will always see this part when I do my oil change. I got the Anodized Red and it looks so good! No pics but they are on reviews already. It has not broken in yet, about 500 miles in. The vibration is not a deal breaker, it really vibrates at 1500-1800 rpms when accelerating but it's not too bad. If you roll from a stop with mostly clutch and a bit of gas you can alleviate that shake. Definitely shifts better and feels "torquier"

Mr. Biglesworth
Install and Break-in period

The install was relatively easy and the boomba mount performs its job PERFECTLY. There is a breeak in period depending how often you drive the car. but 1000 miles is the sweet spot. Shipping was fast, packaging was great and overall experience was amazing.

Greater than I expected

This mount is probably one of the best mods I’ve done, this does exactly what the description says eliminates the wheel hop and helps put the power down, one thing that I will not sugar coat is the vibration is felt 100% some does go away after break in, if you want a strong stiff motor mount that does as it describes go for it if you want something soft go with rmm inserts.

Chris Lineberry
Boomba, 👍

Had the Boomba mount on the car for about a month, Let me say if you want to feel instant torque ,this is the mount for YOU. The car setup is Prl turbo, fx250 clutch , snow performance water meth , FBO , makes 347 hp. Its dailey driving and for the guys who say OH it's to stiff and vibrates to much, well all I got to say is the car I'm speaking of is my WIFEs, and she loves the fell of the motor mount, so grow a pair and get the Boomba motor mount. You will love it

Jonathan Tran
Solid as a rock!

The rear engine mount is probably one aftermarket upgrade I underestimated. I always wonder what was making my car jerk through acceleration and then I found this. You can feel the difference immediately through the OEM mount and this one. But of course after installing this it does hold true that the vibration is added to accelerating and I notice some when I’m nearing 3k rpm which is where I usually start shifting gears so its only for a brief moment. But i have driven about 500-600 miles with this mount on and it feels like the vibration is slowly going away or I’m either use to it. This is my daily driver so the virbation is not unbearable and the upgrade was worth it 100%