ATP High Pressure Adjustable Wastegate Actuator | 2010-2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T (ATP-HGC-004)

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Adjustable Internal Wastegate Actuator for Genesis 2.0T

High Pressure actuator kit to replace softer unit found on the Hyundai Genesis 2.0T (2010 to 2012 model years) stock turbo. Allows more precise boost control and user can bypass the stock boost control solenoid and set boost to a fixed level between 12 psi to 15 psi. Holds boost much better all the way to red line. Can be used in conjunction with aftermarket boost controllers and/or stock boost control solenoid using proper tuning device. Stock actuator assembly is also shown (painted black) for your reference.

The stock turbo actuator on the HGC 2.0T engine is a low pressure 5 psi unit. This means base (minimum) boost under wide open throttle is 5 psi. If the ECU does not turn on the boost control solenoid to control boost, the net boost pressure observed is 5 psi. The biggest challenge for a low pressure actuator is to keep the wastegate closed at high RPM's. Due to the high amount of pressure inside the turbine housing, as RPM rises, the low pressure actuator has a hard time keeping the flapper door on the wastegate closed. As a result, turbine pressure is dropped when the flapper door on the gate is forced open, and boost drops.

There are two possible ways to use the high pressure wastegate actuator on the HGC 2.0T engine to tune or set boost -

  • Option 1: Fixed level Boost control. This involves using the actuator to dial in a fixed boost level. For example, you can adjust the actuator arm length to achieve 12 psi. It becomes the minimum and the maximum boost level and the turbo/wastegate combo is mechanically regulated to run 12 psi of boost every time you get on full throttle. In this scenario, you have to disable the ECU's ability to control the wastegate actuator via the boost control solenoid. This is achieved through routing the wastegate pressure signal hose directly from the side of the compressor to the wastegate actuator pressure nipple and bypassing the boost control solenoid entirely. You can leave the electrical plug to the solenoid plugged in, but NOT run the wastegate pressure/vacuum hose through the solenoid itself.

One of the biggest benefits of running a fixed boost control is predictability. Since boost is mechanically set, the target boost level is always going to be the same regardless of engine temperature, gear, or climate.

  • Option 2: Compounded high pressure boost control This involves leaving everything in the boost control system alone as is and then replacing the softer low pressure stock actuator with the higher pressure unit. This is NOT a recommended path. It creates a very unpredictable boost curve condition and can be very detrimental to the engine reliability. The reason is the ECU normally assumes that the actuator is a lower pressure unit with a 5 psi base. The boost mapping within the ECU also assumes that the actuator is a 5 psi base. Based upon that, the ECU oscillates the boost control solenoid at a certain frequency in order to achieve the target 10 psi boost. If you raise the base pressure to 12 psi, the same boost mapping (same frequency into the same boost control solenoid) will result in an exceptionally high boost level (upwards of 25 psi!).


  • Uses a much stiffer spring that can keep the flapper valve on the gate shut at high RPM's and high exhaust pressure conditions


  • 2010-2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T

What's In The Box?

  • Internal Wastegate Actuator


  • Manufacturer Standard Warranty

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Jesse Riddell
ATP high pressure wastegate

very good quality product. Does throw engine code saying the wastgate isn't opening. Holds boost great