Modern Automotive Performance
Modern Automotive Performance
  • ACT XT Xtreme Pressure Plate / DSM - Modern Automotive Performance
  • ACT XT Xtreme Pressure Plate / DSM - Modern Automotive Performance

    ACT XT Xtreme Pressure Plate / DSM

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    ACT XT Xtreme Pressure Plate / DSM - Modern Automotive Performance

    ACT Pressure Plate

      All ACT pressure plates feature longer clutch life achieved through ACT's exclusive diaphragm design, smooth and precise feel with easy modulation, quiet, trouble free operation by use of strong drive straps, less vibration even at high rpm because of dynamic balancing and a variety of designs available - All factory push, pull, crimp and rivet designs.

    Product Details

    • Clamps load increase of 50% to 120%
    • Pedal feels moderate to stiff
    • SFI Certified to insure safety (Rated to 10,000 RPM)
    • Recommended disc: Street or Race

    Vehicle Applications

    • Dodge Colt Vista 1992-1996 (2.4L)
    • Dodge Stealth 1991-1999 (3.0L / 2WD)
    • Dodge Summit 1992-1995 (2.4L)
    • Eagle Talon 1989-1992 (FWD/AWD / Turbo / 6-bolt)
    • Eagle Talon 1992-1999 (FWD/AWD / Turbo / 7-bolt)
    • Mitsubishi 3000GT 1990-1999 (2WD)
    • Mitsubishi Eclipse 1989-1992 (FWD/AWD / Turbo / 6-bolt)
    • Mitsubishi Eclipse 1992-1999 (FWD/AWD / Turbo / 7-bolt)
    • Mitsubishi Eclipse 1996-2003 (non-turbo / 4cyl. / 2.4L)
    • Mitsubishi Eclipse 2000-2005 (non-turbo / 2.4L)
    • Mitsubishi Expo 1991-1996 (2.4L)
    • Mitsubishi Galant 1991-1992 (AWD / Turbo / VR4 / 2.0L)
    • Mitsubishi Galant 1992-1993 (AWD / non-turbo / DOHC / 2.0L)
    • Mitsubishi Galant 1994-1997 (all 2.4L, 2.5L)
    • Plymouth Laser 1989-1992 (FWD/AWD / Trubo / 2.0L / 6-bolt)
    • Plymouth Laser 1992-1994 (FWD/AWD / Trubo / 2.0L / 7-bolt)

    Key Features

    • Diaphragms are induction hardened on the release bearing contact area to reduce wear and promote smooth operation
    • Cover stampings are sometimes reinforced by ACT to reduce flex and improve the efficiency and feel of the pressure plate
    • Stronger drive straps and rivets are used when needed to strengthen the pressure plate and prevent breakage
    • Up to four clamp load ratings are available (some applications) ‚Ǩ‚Äú choose between a Sport, Heavy Duty, Xtreme or MaXX Xtreme pressure plate
    • We load test every pressure plate on a special computerized testing press for quality assurance. This same machine also assists in designing new products and evaluating parts that are in for service
    • Proper release travel, clamp load, pedal effort, and working range are analyzed using specialized testing equipment and software
    • All castings are CNC machined for greater consistency and precision
    • ACT pressure plates feature a special single diaphragm design to dramatically increase clamp load without the adverse affects of double diaphragm type clutches
    • Precision cover stampings provide rigidity, consistency and are cost effective
    • Creative diaphragm designs are used to increase clamp load, reduce deflection and maximize clutch life. All diaphragms endure an exclusive four stage heat treating process for unparalleled performance
    • Most ACT pressure plates are certified as meeting SFI Specification 1.1. and are legal for competition in all racing organizations where SFI certification is required
    • All ACT pressure plates are dynamically computer balanced for smooth operation at high RPM

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