2015-2016 Subaru WRX Redstuff Front Brake Pads by EBC Brakes

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As EBC's flagship street brake pad material for prestige and faster cars above 200BHP the 09 version on EBC Redstuff sets new standards in brake performance. Redstuff has always been known for its low dust ability but the latest blend has greatly reduced the phenomenon of pad "Pick up" or disc scoring and reduced dust even further. Tested at the UK Motor Industries Research Association (MIRA) in witnessed tests early Redstuff reduced car stopping distance in tests by almost 50 feet from 100 MPH offering a staggering 30% brake improvement.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Solid daily

Very quick biting pad for a daily but I wanted something to combat the 60-0 my commute seems to have. I will have to see how the pads effect the wear on the rotors as they bite very quick even cold.

Mark Foster
good upgrade

Got these pads as a replacement/upgrade for my factory pads on my '15 wrx. I wanted something better than stock - something that will help the cause on an occasional autocross day that can still be driven on a daily driver. These are a noticeable improvement over stock I must say, and that is as soon as they were installed - when they are not supposed to be better yet. Nowhere near the break-in period according to the included paperwork, but still way better than stock. Definitely shortens stopping distance. Can't wait to see how well they work once broken in. No brake noise/squeaking either.

Nate P.
Decent upgrade

Used these as an upgrade over stock pads for a track day at summit point races at in wv. They did a lout better than the stock pads and helped inspire confidence in braking.