2008-2012 Lancer (incl Ralliart) Gravel Rally GR Damper System by Ksport


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Ksport Rally Spec GR Type coilover System is designed specifically for gravel rally competition. It includes longer stroke, durable construction, and simultaneous compression and rebound adjustment.

36 levels of damping adjustment allow you to fine tune the ride to your handling and comfort needs. The damping adjusts compression and rebound simultaneously for ease of adjustment.For vehicles with McPherson type suspension our Gravel Rally kits will come with inverted shocks and steel lower/top mounts. Vehicles with wishbone or multi-link type suspension will come with standard non-inverted shocks and aluminum top mounts. Camber top mounts are not available for Gravel Rally kits.

Most applications utilize an adjustable lower mount, which means you adjust height without losing suspension travel like some other coilover designs do. With the mounts and most pieces of the coilover being designed for 6061 billet aluminum the kit is lightweight, durable, and rust resistant. The steel shock body is electroplated with zinc to resist rust and the elements. The valving of each set is matched to the springs installed for unmatched ride quality and reliability.

The Ksport system uses a Monotube design in which the oil and gas are separated within the cylinder. When compared to twin tube designs the Monotube dissipates heat better, allows finer damping adjustments, and requires more expensive design process. Aeration and cavitation are a lot less common in a Monotube design, which results in a better ride.

*Due to the harsh nature of Gravel Rally racing, they do not offer a warranty on these kits.

Specially designed extended length springs for rally racing

Designed specifically for our Gravel Rally kits, their springs range in length from 250mm to 270mm. NOTE: height adjustment range varies per vehicle, all kits will not go higher than OE ride height.

Extended cylinder length and piston stroke

Gravel Rally dampers feature extended cylinder length and piston stroke which greatly improves handling over uneven and bumpy roads.

Inverted design for McPherson type suspension

For vehicles with McPherson type suspension our Gravel Rally damper systems feature an inverted shock design. Inverted shocks move the gas/oil chamber farther away from the knuckle and braking system reducing heat transfer. This design also reduces unsprung weight which helps improve handling and responsiveness. NOTE: on inverted shocks the damping adjustment knob is at the bottom of the shock. Every kit is supplied with a flexible damping knob for easier access.

Large 55mm shock bodies

55mm shock bodies are used on kits that have inverted shocks. This allows for added oil capacity for increased cooling efficiency. They also perform better under stress situations which make them especially well suited for track racing.

Heavy duty steel top mounts

Strengthened steel top mounts are standard on vehicles using McPherson type suspension. Vehicles with wishbone/multi-link type suspension have standard aluminum top mounts as seen in our other coilover systems.

Heavy duty steel lower mounts

Strengthened steel lower mounts are standard on vehicles using McPherson type suspension. Vehicles with wishbone/multi-link type suspension have standard aluminum lower mounts as seen in our other coilover systems.

Hardened rubber pillowball for reduced noise

Unique hardened rubber pillowball top mounts come standard on McPherson suspension type vehicles. Vehicles with wishbone/multi-link type suspension have standard aluminum top mounts as seen in our other coilover systems. NOTE: camber is not adjustable via the top mount on Gravel Rally systems.

36 way adjustable damping

All Ksport coilovers offer 36 levels of damping which allow you the ability to perfectly dial in your coilover system. Set damping to full soft for a nice comfortable cruising setting for normal driving.

Collars and upper mounts made from 6061 aluminum with T6 for increased hardness

Their spring perches, locking collars, top mounts and some lower mounts are made from high quality 6061 aluminum. Benefits include excellent strength and aluminum helps reduce weight.

Adjustable spring perch for height adjustment

Some vehicles have a separate rear shock and spring. In the coilover industry they call this a ?hi-low kit?. In this case you will have height adjustment via the spring perch and the lower mount of the shock. Vehicles with this type of set up can still go as low or lower than true coilovers.

Adjustable lower mount allowing maximum suspension travel

Most of their coilovers feature the ability to adjust your ride height without affecting the shock and spring travel. This way you can set your desired ride height without having to worry about bottoming out the shock.

Monotube high pressure design reduces oil leakage

All of their coilovers use Monotube shocks which dissipate heat better, allows finer damping adjustment and requires a more expensive design process compared to twin tube shocks.

Electroplated body for added protection from corrosion and rust

To help prevent corrosion and rust from the elements of nature, all of their coilovers are electroplated with zinc. We also include an anti-rust paste packet with our systems that can be applied to certain key areas of the coilover for added protection.

Dust boot to protect damper seal

Dust boots are standard on all coilovers. They also integrate the bump stop inside the dust boot. This is more efficient and is less likely to crumble to pieces and deteriorate like other company?s designs.

Spring Rates: Front (KG/LBS) 6/336 Rear (KG/LBS) 5.3/297

Upper Mounts: Front - P/U = Pillowball Upper Mount (not all models have camber adj) - Rear - ATM = Aluminum Top Mount

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Great Introductory Gravel Coilovers

I purchased these for my 2009 Ralliart about 6 months ago and I could honestly say that these were great for the price. They serve as a fair, cost effective introduction to rally capable suspension. I've done numerous tests on and off road and I've had mostly good experiences with these coilovers.

-Durable Design
(Almost) fully adjustable
-Comes with all necessary hardware
-Very soft and not terribly bouncy when set to low settings
-Easy to install
-Perfect spring rate for rough terrain
-Very capable and entertaining on gravel

-Pillowballs are noisy (as per most pillow ball coilovers)
-Cannot lower them below stock ride height
-Not the best performance on tarmac (expected for a gravel set up)
-Adjustment holes in awkward and challenging positions
-Camber/caster non-adjustable
-Little to no installation instructions.
-Dampening, rebound, etc cannot be individually adjusted and is all done automatically by turning the knobs

-These coilovers raise your car above stock ride height so will need to find camber/toe adjustment aftermarket parts to correct for this, especially because the excess ride height will give you POSITIVE camber and its excessively dangerous.

-Also, the adjustment positions are in VERY awful places. The front adjustment slot can only be reached using a flexible adjustment knob (provided) and is located under the car. The rear knobs must be installed BEFORE installing the coilovers and even then they will be unreachable. The only solution to reach the rear adjustment knobs is to cut access holes in the cover plates located in the trunk.

Even with these gripes I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoy these coilovers. They're offered at a fair price for what you receive and the functionality is unbeatable at its price range too. These are perfect for anyone with an 09+ Ralliart who seek to enter the car in Rallycross and Rally Sprintt events.