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Vorsteiner Wheels

Give your performance vehicle the look of luxury without sacrificing performance by equipping a set of Vorsteiner wheels from Modern Automotive Performance.

Our mechanics have worked with a variety of vehicles, and while most of them have been mid-range models such as the Mitsubishi Evo, Ford Mustang, Toyota Scion FR-S and Chevy Camaro, we are seeing a growing number of luxury models such as BMW, Audi and Porsche find their way to tracks. Those luxury models come with a number of performance upgrades on the showroom floor, so their owners aren’t as quick to dive under the hood.

But they have no hesitation about adding a new set of wheels with Vorsteiner’s touch of class.

The company has an eye for European luxury vehicles, crafting stunning wheels that command attention. But it also meets the demands of performance enthusiasts by using forged and flow forged manufacturing processes for superior wheel strength and lightness.

We’re proud to offer some of Vorsteiner’s excellent wheels at Modern Automotive Performance. We’ve tested plenty of them for handling and durability, and haven’t been let down yet. Your investment into Vorsteiner’s quality is well-protected. And here’s the best part: Vorsteiner’s wheels aren’t just for luxury cars. You’ll find many of these models are also equipped to fit Subaru, Toyota and Volkswagen models.

What do you drive, and how do you want to drive it? Whether you want to catch eyes during the next cruise night, or catch the competition during the next race day, our gearheads will help you find a set of Vorsteiner wheels that delivers everything you want from a set of performance racing wheels. And you’ll feel like you live in the lap of luxury when you see how much money our prices, shipping rates and Loyalty Rewards program leave in your wallet. more

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