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Vorsteiner Wheels

Rotiform wheels from Modern Automotive Performance will give your vehicle a commanding look and superior performance.

Wheels don’t come in one standard size. With a bigger wheel, a vehicle can get a boost in handling and performance on the track. Since its establishment in 2009, Rotiform has designed wheels perfect for drivers who want to use an aggressive fitment.

The company features one-piece monoblock cast wheels and three-piece forged wheels, both made with premium materials for superior strength and lightness. As for the designs, they are stunning: Rotiform draws inspiration from retro-European styling with a special eye toward accommodating a lower profile.

Our mechanics at Modern Automotive Performance have decades of collective experience testing wheels on the track and on the road. Rotiform’s wheels have passed every one of our tests with flying colors.

Whether you are equipping your suspension to take advantage of a lower profile, or you have hellaflush aspirations to show off at the next cruise night, a set of Rotiform’s precision-crafted wheels will look right at home on your project. They come in a wide variety of sizes and specialty finishes, so you’ll easily find a set that meets every single one of your demands.

We’ve learned more than our fair share about aggressive fitments, so contact us today. Tell us about your project and how you want to drive it. We’ll help you find the perfect set of Rotiform wheels, and we’ll also help make sure you have everything you need to install them the way you want to install them without damaging your vehicle.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we’re your personal pit crew, so we’ll give you expert-level advice on how these wheels will work for you. You’ll also enjoy our prices, Loyalty Rewards program and shipping rates — all set to keep more money in your wallet. more

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