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If your gear-head friends laugh at the notion of driving an Infiniti Q50, and think it’s just a boring luxury car for lawyers or soccer moms, we instantly know one thing about them: They don’t get out much.

But if your friends look at your Infiniti and wonder how to make it even better, we instantly know one thing about them, too: They’re our kind of people.

Infiniti has quietly been making some impressive sport coupe models. Inside, they feature that gorgeous luxury interior with intuitive controls. Underneath the hood, the direct adaptive steering and dynamic digital suspension are impressive. But you know us, no matter how luxurious or high-end a car is, stock is just a starting point.

Infiniti is a top brand of automobile, but it still suffers from the same types of limitations that stock parts impose. Our mechanics have spent collective decades under hoods of all sorts of cars, from used junkers to brand new models. No matter what we’re looking at, we always have our mind on how to make it even better. We’ve learned a thing or two about how to get around manufacturer-placed limitations and get the most performance out of a car.

We know exactly how to power up your Q50 Sedan. Our Infiniti Q50 replacement parts list is the best collection of genuine OEM parts & aftermarket parts. We know all about the souped-up features of the Q50 2-liter turbo, and we’ve spent more than our fair share of time working with the 405PS engine inside the Q50 3.7L Turbo. We are familiar with all the new Infiniti Q50 OEM parts & aftermarket parts. If you have the 2016+ Red Sport or Silver Sport editions, we can help you enjoy that beautiful beast even more with genuine Infiniti Q50 parts and accessories from the industry’s best brands.

Contact us today — we love talking with Infiniti drivers and helping them bounce around ideas or answer questions. Hit us with your pickiest details or most insane questions, and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction. Our shipping rates will keep your wallet happy, and our Loyalty Rewards program will stash a few bucks toward your next project. At Modern Automotive Performance, we want to be your personal pit crew, and help you get the best replacement parts for your Q50 sedan. We do our best to offer premium prices on genuine Infiniti accessories & Q50 car parts.

Is the Infiniti Q50 Fast?

For a car that weighs in at almost 4,000 lbs, the Q50 can move pretty well. The Q50 features a speed of 155 mph (straight from the factory).

Does the Infiniti Q50 have problems?

All cars have issues. As far as performance goes, the main issues facing the Q50 seem to be messy handling, numb steering, & a stiff ride. As far as aesthetics, the Q50 has less of the high-end interior you'd expect from a luxury sedan. Before 2020, the stock safety features consisted only of backup-cam forward-collision warnings.