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How to Clean Your Blow off Valve

how to clean your BOV

MAP Turbo Tech: BOV Cleaning and Maintenance

Turbocharged vehicles utilize some awesome technology to operate effectively. Each piece of the puzzle is important for proper operation and performance of the kit. Over time, these pieces are prone to fatigue, wear, and power robbing contaminants that dramatically lower the life expectancy of the component. Therefore, it is important to take care of these items through regular cleaning. Items that benefit from routine cleaning are:

  • Blow Off Valves
  • Wastegate Actuators
  • Intake Manifold

Blow off Valves typically see more dirt and grime than any of the other components given that they are exposed to the elements. Therefore, regular six month cleaning intervals should be observed, with even more frequent cleaning suggested in wet/humid environments. A dirty Blow off Valve will cause turbo "flutter" which not only sounds bad, but can damage the turbocharger if left unmanaged. Below, we'll explain the process of blow off valve disassembly and cleaning.

Blow off Valve Removal

First, remove the BOV from your vehicle. This process will vary based on the BOV and vehicle you've got, so we wont go too in-depth on this process. Just be sure to take your time, be careful not to crack any brittle fittings, and make note of everything you remove in the process. It's also a good idea to take a picture of the engine bay to make sure everything goes back where it's supposed to for reassembly.

Blow off Valve Disassembly

With the BOV now off the vehicle, you can disassemble the Blow off Valve. Not all BOV's are the same, so disassembly may vary based on your unit. For most Turbosmart BOV's start by unscrewing the BOV cap. Remember, there is a spring under this cap that is compressed, so be sure you're holding onto the BOV tightly. With the cap taken off, remove the spring and piston, then set aside. If you need help disassembling your BOV, refer to your manufacturer manual, head over to Google, or give us a call for assistance!

Blow off Valve Cleaning

With all of the components removed from the BOV unit, begin cleaning each item. Use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth and gently clean the piston, BOV housing, and cap. Inspect for any wear or scarring on the piston and inner housing. Use compressed air and blow out through the vacuum fitting to remove any contaminants. If everything is clean and no scarring is present on the piston or housing, you're ready to reassemble.

Blow off Valve Re-assembly

To re-assemble your BOV, simply reverse the procedure in which you used to disaassemble it. However, you will want to make sure you lubricate the piston with a non-viscous, multi-purpose lubricant such as Turbosmart Multi-Spray or sewing machine oil. Do not use grease! It will damage the BOV and prevent it from operating correctly, and you'll be out a Blow off Valve. If everything goes together smoothly, reinstall the BOV on your vehicle and test for proper operation by giving it a few revs. Finally, test it out by taking the car on the street and doing a few pulls!

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