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Gram Lights Wheels By Rays Engineering On Sale

When you want gold-standard wheels for your Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S or other performance vehicle, you’ll love a set of Gram Lights Wheels from Modern Automotive Performance.

Manufactured by Rays, a Japanese company known for its quality aftermarket components for racers, Gram Lights are the definition of innovation in wheel design. The company says it pushes the casting process to its limits, and we believe them. Many Gram Lights models are made with a hybrid machining process that leads to an optimal wheel shape. That’s the design process that leads to some of these head-turning wheels.

But at Modern Automotive Performance, we’re not fooled by things that just look amazing. We have ridiculously high performance standards, and we don’t waste your time or money by selling components that we wouldn’t install on our own personal cars. We have seen and felt the difference that Gram Lights give performance vehicles. The light weight and superhuman strength makes Gram Lights an outstanding investment for your performance vehicle, whether you’re looking for something that turns heads on the street or helps you fly down the track.

Gram Lights’ manufacturing process enables it to offer a wide variety of hole configurations, colors, spoke designs and finishes. Contact us today, and we’ll help find a set of Gram Lights wheels that will get your beast rolling even better than before. At Modern Automotive Performance, we want to be your personal pit crew, so we’ll help you out with all your questions and concerns over hub configurations, wheel sizes and more.

You’ll also love our prices, shipping rates and Loyalty Rewards program: All three of these will leave a nice stash of cash in your wallet for your next upgrade. We also start packing your order as soon as you place it, cutting down on the time you wait for your wheels to arrive. more

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