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Engine Warranty Information

In several years of building race engines we have yet to experience a failure that was not caused by one of the following scenarios:

  • Lack of Oiling: This typically leads to engine bearing failure. We have seen failures caused by faulty oil pumps, improper long block assembly (performed by a third party), and even excessive use of silicon sealants that ultimately blocked the oil passages.
  • Oil Contamination: Oil contamination generally stems from critical oiling components (oil pan, oil pickup, oil pump, oil cooler, etc.) that were reused from a previous engine failure or valve covers that were sand blasted and/or powder coated incorrectly. We have found that regardless of the time spent cleaning these components it is nearly impossible to remove all of the debris. We recommend replacing all of these components when installing your new engine.
  • Detonation: This typically leads to piston damage, cylinder wall damage, and potentially even rod bearing damage. Failures of this sort can be caused by several factors including improper tuning, fuel injector failure, or even just a bad batch of fuel.
  • Overheating: This typically leads to detonation, pre-ignition, and/or a blown head gasket due to warping of the cylinder head if not worse. We have seen failures of this sort caused by water pump failure, low coolant levels, or even excessive coolant leakage.
  • Individual Component Failure: In very rare circumstances a component used in the building of our race engines will fail due to a manufacturer’s defect that was undetectable to our technicians. Typically these components will be covered by the warranty of the manufacturer, but in our experience they will simply replace the part without any reimbursement for labor costs.

Considering this information it's clear that the overall performance of an MAP race engine that is to be shipped from our facility to the end user, in either shortblock or longblock form, relies heavily on the knowledge and experience of a third party to properly complete the engine assembly, installation, and start up procedures in the vehicle itself. With that being said, please carefully examine the terms and conditions set forth below:

  • No warranty is expressed or implied by Modern Automotive Performance in regards to race engines that are installed by a third party. Blueprint specifications are available upon request, we strongly suggest you review this information and carefully inspect your race engine prior to installation to ensure it meets or exceeds your expectations.
  • As every MAP race engine is built to our customer's specifications, no returns or refunds will be allowed once the machining and/or assembly process has begun.