Find the product you would like to write an article for on our website and make sure it doesn't already have an installation guide (as we only need one per product).


Document your installation as outlined below and submit the article to us using the form found on this page.


A member of the MAP marketing team will review your submission and notify you of any revisions to be made so that your article adheres to the guidelines below.  Once approved we will provide you with a coupon code for 50% off of your next purchase (up to $200 value) on our website! rules
  • Include the tools required to complete the installation.
  • Must have original content and pictures.
  • Must include bolt sizes and torque specs where applicable.
  • Mention any parts/areas to inspect during installation as preventative maintenance.
  • Use clear/correct English (no abbreviations) and format your guide using bullet points or numbers  for easy comprehension.
  • Avoid lengthy paragraphs when possible.
Image Guidelines
  1. Include at least 6 original images. (One before image, 4+ of the installation process, and 1 final image after the installation).
  2. Images must be in-focus, clear, and bright enough to accurately display the installation step.
  3. Minimum Image Size: 500 pixels wide