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BBS Wheels – Performance Racing –

Since 2006, we’ve been working on performance vehicles, souping them up for competitive racing. Our mechanics have collective decades of experience poring over engines, studying graphs, developing tunes and tweaking systems to produce more horsepower and efficiency on the track.

We’ve tested countless parts, and that includes wheels. We have a general philosophy about product quality: We don’t want to sell you anything we wouldn’t install on our own vehicles. That’s why we’re proud to offer BBS 1 and 3 piece forged wheels for your Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru WRX, Honda Civic and more.

BBS Wheels got its start in 1970 in Germany when amateur racers were looking for performance gains on the track. They initially delved into fiberglass panels for reducing weight, and that led them to developing an innovative three-piece racing wheel construction that put the company on the map, gaining the attention of BMW. BBS RS wheels were released in 1983, and quickly became an icon. The company now has plants all over the world, including a Georgia facility that, for the last 30 years, has provided race support for Indy Car, Grand Am, Trans Am and IMSA events.

We’re proud to offer BBS Wheels as part of our product lineup. The RF Series wheels feature a die-forged construction method that results in a surprisingly light and strong wheel. Made from a billet of 6,000 series aluminum and a special magnesium alloy, they optimize the stiffness to weight ratio while providing amazing durability.

How do you like to drive your project car? Contact us today: Our gearheads love talking about wheels. We’ve learned more than our fair share about them, and can tell you the advantages and drawbacks you’ll get from different sizes and options.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we have a reputation for outstanding customer service that helps you through a successful installation and beyond. You’ll love our low prices, outstanding shipping rates and Loyalty Rewards program. We also get to work immediately packing your order once it is placed, so you won’t have to wait as long to start enjoying your new BBS wheels.