3 simple evo x mods

Increased Power For Evo X

The Evolution X has plenty of kick from the factory. It has enough power to beat most cars on the track and street. However, speed is quite contagious and once you've taste the sweet fruit that is boost, you want to keep picking the tree and plucking every last bit. Unfortunately for some, their Evo 10 is a daily driver and adding mods on top of mods just isn't a viable option. There is tons of aftermarket support, so where do you start?

There are three mods every Evo X owner should make. These wont add a ton of power but will make your Evo X more enjoyable without breaking the bank.

Many Evo X experts would say your first mod should be a "driver mod", meaning you should learn the car before even looking at the aftermarket. While this is fine and completely accurate, it's only just a step in the right direction. You definitely should know how to control the car in stock form, but lets be honest: not all of us have time to go to the track every weekend. This is especially true for a daily driven Evo X. Often times, life can get in the way of play time. But that isn't to say you cant enjoy life a little more with a few simple Evo X bolt-ons to increase power. Before you decide which route to take, plan out your budget for modifications. You don't want to upset your significant other by spending too much on car parts. (We've all been there, done that!)

Below are just a few suggestions we have for new Evo X owners. You can install these in any order, based on your interests. Already have a modded Evo X? What was your first, second, and third modification, and do you have any tips for new Evolution 10 owners?

Evo X Intake

ams evo x intake

First, crack the hood and learn where everything is. Take pictures if you need to. You dont need to memorize every bolt size, but a good understanding of where everything is in the induction system as well as where clamps and sensors are located will help you in the long run. Once you're familiar with the layout of the engine, look into purchasing an Evo X intake system. There are a ton of options on the market, so be sure to look online for reviews on the best Evo X cold air intake for your driving habits. In your searches, you'll likely stumble across Evo X Drop in filters, Evo X CAI and Evo 10 Short Ram systems, all utilizing different pipe sizes, colors, and prices.

AEM makes a great intake system which includes a heat shield and high-flow filter, and can be installed in an hour or two. This kit is usually priced in the upper $200 range, so it's affordable under most daily driver budgets. Another great Evo X intake kit comes from AMS, and offers a bit more bling for your engine bay. The AMS Evo 10 intake kit comes with all required hardware, a polished mandrel bent intake pipe, and recirculated BOV port. Priced, in the mid $300 range, it's a bit more expensive than the AEM unit but offers a bit more overall power gain.

Evo X Exhaust

map evo x exhaust

The second simple power modification for a daily driven Evo X comes from the exhaust system. This may seem like an obvious one for most car enthusiasts, but there are actually a few important notes to keep in mind when shopping for your Evo 10 exhaust system. First, do you want a complete Evo X turbo back or just a plain catback. Next, do you know the difference between an Evo 10 catback and axle back? Lastly, is it made from 304ss or 409ss? All three questions are important to consider for your daily driver.

A turbo back exhaust utilizes a high-flow cat or Evo X test pipe, which can alter the emissions and sound of the car. So if you want to maintain factory emissions and not wake the neighbours every morning, an Evo 10 turbo back isn't the best choice. Browsing the web, you may also see catbacks and Evo X axle back exhaust systems, which are two very different bolt-ons. An axle back is just as it implies, an exhaust system from the axle back, whereas a catback replaces all components from the catalytic converter to the exhaust tip. Lastly, 304ss will resist rust better than 409ss, so it's important to chose appropriately if you live in a wet climate where road salt is used in the winter. With all that said, choose the Evo X exhaust system that best meets your needs as a daily driver.

Evo X Tuning

evo x accessport

Another great, inexpensive modification that can make any daily driver Evo X more enjoyable is an ECU tune. Aftermarket Evo X tunes can be installed a few different ways. The first method is to visit your local tuner, explain your intentions with the car, and allow them to perform their work. This can be affordable, but often prevent any future modifications, as they would require a new tune. The next method of obtaining an Evo 10 tune is to purchase a tuner module like a Cobb Tuning Accessport.

An Evo X accessport comes preloaded with various performance tunes, so you're able to satiate your performance appetite on the fly, at the press of a button. Many retailers sell the Cobb Tuning Evo X Accessport for around $500. I can't stress enough how great the Cobb Evo X Accessport is. You can adjust your tune for performance, economy, and everywhere in between. Definitely the best bang for your buck.