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Volk Racing G27

When Volk Racing looked towards creating a wheel the captured the premium looks of a luxury wheel with the performance of racing wheel, the Volk Racing G27 was born. The Volk Racing G27 uses a cross spoke face known as 2×7, where the 7 spoke bases branch off to two and give a sophisticated look.

To create a clean, yet race car inspired look the Volk Racing G27 center cap completes the 2×7 look. The Volk Racing G27 center cap is also a forged piece, just as the rest of the wheel. The exclusive center cap of the Volk Racing G27 also has a unique “Spinner Cap.”

The Spinner Cap allows the “Rays” logo in the center of Volk Racing G27 center cap to stay in the correct position. “RAYS ENG”, “FORGED” and “MADE IN JAPAN” logos on the rim edges of the Volk Racing G27 are machined to ensure that your wheels are genuine Rays Wheels without decals to fade, peel, or to be removed.

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