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K&N Premium Wrench-Off Oil Filter | Multiple Fitments (HP-2010)


GReddy Oil Filter Relocation Kit for Toyotas/Nissans (12004900)

$266.00 $280.00
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With all the metal parts in your engine, it’s important to keep them properly lubricated – otherwise, your power plant will become nothing more than one worthless hunk of metal. But not all engine oils and filters are created equal. Some will work just fine for everyday driving, but when you take them to the track, they’ll quickly become a dirty, sludgy mess. Oil and filters from MAPerformance are formulated for the rigors of road racing, drifting, rally and other intense conditions so your engine will run smoothly even in the heat of competition.

Synthetic engine oil has become the standard for performance driving thanks to its superior cleaning power, wear protection and temperature versatility, especially with turbocharged engines. Choose from a number of synthetic oils that have been proven by championship racers around the world. Royal Purple 10W40 motor oil features Synerlec additive technology for maximum horsepower and torque, while Redline 5W30 synthetic oil uses lubricant so powerful they can take on the heat of jet engines. Meanwhile, Motul 8100 X-Clean is specially produced for European car owners and three-way catalytic converters.

Keeping your oil clean is vital for maximizing its effects, and our performance oil filters are designed to trap more dirt and debris for extended intervals. K&N Pro Series oil filters are engineered for any type of engine oil, with a high-flow design for better performance. HKS Hybrid Sports oil filters are another great option, with a structure that reduces pressure loss and engine stress. And for forced induction engines, XRP inline oil filters are trusted by top fuel dragsters thanks their lightweight construction, corrosion resistance and coarse-screen filtration.

With numerous options for engine oil viscosity and filter sizes, you’re sure to find the right one for your car. And if you want to install an oil pressure or temperature gauge, our oil filter block adapters make that a breeze as well. Order today and keep your engine properly lubed up, so the only slick you’ll feel is the smoothness of the next turn.

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