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MAP Ultimate Duty H11 Head Studs (6 Bolt DSM) (MAP DSM-UDHS) Installation Guide

Erik Blume  October 02 2013

Installation instructions for your MAP Ultimate Duty H11 Head Studs (6 Bolt DSM) (MAP DSM-UDHS). Please read all instructions thoroughly before starting installation. 1.Remove the existing head bolts, head and install new gasket. 2. We recommend that you use a bottoming tap to prepare the threads in the block and be sure to get all oil, fuel, dirt, etc. out of the hole with compressed air and brake clean (Don’t forget the safety glasses). 3. Install the head studs into the locations by hand (Put a small dab of engine oil onto the portion of the studs that will thread into the engine block itself). Only tighten the studs finger-tight. Lower the head down over the studs and onto the gasket. 4. Apply International Compound #2 Assembly Lubricant onto the upper threads of the stud and on the nut side of the provided washer and bearing surface of the nut. Torque the nuts on the studs in sequence as recommended in your owners manual to 65 ft-lbs. After all have been torqued, loosen them, repeat the torque sequence to 65 ft-lbs, loosen them, repeat the torque sequence to 65 ft-lbs, loosen them then torque in a three step sequence to 105 ft-lb as follows. 35 ft-lbs, 70 ft-lbs, then the final step to 105 ft-lbs. NOTE: It is a lot of work to torque, loosen, torque, loosen, torque loosen, and torque again, but it is WELL WORTH IT. Doing this helps seat the threads and will give you the VERY BEST RESULTS. Take the time to do it right so you never have to do it again! Give us a call if you have any questions 1-888-MAPERFORMANCE

Download the PDF below!

MAP Ultimate Duty H11 Head Studs Installation (6 Bolt DSM)

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