3 Advantages Of Installing A Roll Cage

3 Advantages Of Installing A Roll Cage

Sep 23, 2020Matthew Rogers

If you have a project car, especially one that you plan to take to the track, you may have considered installing some roll protection. However, many people don’t fully understand the advantages of using a roll bar or cage. They extend beyond protection during a rollover. Understanding the benefits of roll bars and cages will help you decide if it is an upgrade you need.

What Is a Roll Cage?

Although modern vehicles have strong frames that can protect passengers during a rollover, they are designed around normal road driving. In a high-speed, performance driving setting, added protection is necessary to account for the additional forces involved. Roll bars and cages are strong, metal apparatuses that are mounted within the cabin to provide the vehicle with extra support.

There are several options for roll protection. For example, some people opt for relatively simple 4-point roll cages. These connect to the vehicle frame behind the front seats (often in-line with the B pillars) and at the rear of the cabin. 6 point versions extend to the front of the cabin and provide even more protection.

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Keep in mind that Roll bars and cages are vehicle specific. 

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1) It Could Save Your Life

Of course, the most important benefit of installing roll protection is that it could save your life. Rollovers happen, especially on the track or otherwise pushing your vehicle to the limit. As mentioned above, even the most advanced vehicle designs may be insufficient when driving at high speeds and taking fast corners. Additional roll protection can truly make the difference between walking away from a crash or not.

If you have a track car, especially one that you have removed the back seats from, strongly consider adding at least a 4-point roll cage. You’ll be glad you did if you ever lose control.

2) It Can Improve Handling

Interestingly, the additional rigidity can also improve your driving experience. In the same way that added strength to the vehicle’s structure helps to improve rollover protection, it also makes the vehicle stiffer. When you take hard turns, you will feel less flexing and body roll. This can make a big difference in what you can do on the track.

Furthermore, cages and bars add this rigidity with relatively little added weight. Since roll protection fabricators aren’t as concerned with aesthetics as vehicle manufacturers, they can create shapes that would otherwise look out of place in a modern vehicle. Therefore, the necessary amount of material to add stiffness with a roll bar or care is often less than the necessary amount to achieve the same rigidity in the vehicle frame.

Even for vehicles that have impressive stock handling, it can make a difference. For example, you can push your Honda even harder with a Honda Civic roll cage.

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3) It May Be Required

On many tracks, having some form of roll protection is required. It is almost always required for convertible vehicles regardless of speed (so, Miatas almost always need them). Additionally, many tracks require roll bars for hard-top vehicles, especially in more powerful racing classes.

In other words, if you want to enjoy your track vehicle to its fullest potential, you are going to need to add some roll protection. Fortunately, kits make this relatively easy to do, especially for people who are already modifying their vehicles.

Is It Right for Your Vehicle?

The above benefits are the most significant and objective. However, there are some other advantages as well. For example, it is hard to deny that a roll bar adds a nice aesthetic touch to any track car. Additionally, they can be used as anchor points for racing harnesses.

Ultimately, whether adding a roll cage is the right option for you is a matter of need and preference. If you want to use your rear seat, you probably can’t add roll protection. However, if this is the sort of vehicle that you are removing seats to save weight, you probably need the extra safety measure.

As with all track car components, it is usually better to air on the side of caution. After all, you only have one life. So, grab a Mk7 roll cage before you take your VW to the track next.

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