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Why Choose MAPerformance For Your Built Motor?

Erik Blume  May 05 2016

Let us Take You Through Our Process For All Built Motors

We take a look at all the steps we put your engine through when it comes to MAPerformance. Choosing a professional for your built engine can be a difficult task, so here’s a few reasons why you can trust MAPerformance for your build


  • Hot tanking/degreasing
  • Iron block engines are then baked
  • Blocks are shot peened or media blasted
  • Gasket surfaces are flat sanded
  • Oil and Freeze plugs removed
  • Balance shaft oil feed is drilled, tapped and capped
  • All blocks are clearanced to specification
  • Blocks are machined to stringent in house specifications
  • Block is reassembled with oil plugs and new freeze plugs
  • Block is hot tanked for final cleaning
  • High temp primer and paint process is applied
  • Customer specified components assembled into block


  • Thorough inspection and measurements are taken. MAP will not use a crank that requires cutting steps to prepare the bearing surfaces
  • Sludge traps are removed for cleaning then drilled & tapped for installation of serviceable fittings
  • Cranks are hot tanked, degreased and then precision micro balanced and polished

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