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3 Gauges Every Turbo Car Needs | Must Have Aftermarket Gauges!

Erik Blume  March 25 2016

Boosted? Here are the 3 Gauges You Must Have in Your Cluster! 

Aftermarket Gauges - so many to chose from! A quick search for aftermarket gauges yields many different results, with each gauge monitoring different aspects of the cars performance. From Intake and Exhaust Temps, Air Fuel Ratio's, Boost, Oil and Water Temp, Oil Pressure, and Volts. Add to the mix the different manufacturers, and you'll quickly see that hundreds of options are available, and all at different price ranges.

Despite the sea of choices, there are three gauges every turbocharged car or truck should have. These three gauges monitor different areas of engine health to ensure that nothing goes wrong, and the driver is made aware of anything that could harm the motor or turbocharger.

Contact us today with your questions, as we're happy to answer them for you. Stay tuned to the MAPerformance blog as we continue to release great tech tip videos for all platforms throughout 2016!

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  • Matthew: July 03, 2017

    He should mention that 14.7 is stoich/perfect air fuel ratio for maximum burn and efficiency, that turbo/boosted cars need to run at 11-12 preferred before things tend to go boom

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