Roll Racing Competition At Proving Grounds #PG2K19

May 18, 2019Dan Carey

How Roll Racing Works At MAPerformance Proving Grounds
Cars will be paired in the staging lanes by the track staff at the head of the track. When signaled the cars will take off and the two cars will have 350 feet to pace one another at a start speed between 40-50MPH. Once the two cars reach the designated “start line,” a traffic light will change from Red to Green. As always, Green means GO!

The car with the higher qualifying speed gets lane choice, and the car in the right lane must pace the car in the left lane for ALL starts. Competitors will have a maximum of three attempts at a clean start. If clean start cannot be achieved in three attempts track officials reserve the right to DQ both racers. It's possible both drivers could be DQ'd for foul play/false starts. Do not play games!

The finish line will be marked with checkered flags on each side of the track. The first to the finish line will get the win light and move on to the next round.

There will be a breakout speed set for each class to be determined after qualifying. This is to help deter sandbagging. Also, keep in mind that the driver’s meeting for the roll race event is MANDATORY and will take place at 9 AM on the day of the event before qualifying begins. If you miss the driver’s meeting your spot can be forfeited at the discretion of track/event officials.

Racer Entry Cost:
Racer entry is $50 per car pre-registered $60 per car (day of), this event will be limited to 100 cars! (please note you must also pay admission to the event - $40 per day or less if you buy tickets in advance or stay the full weekend)

How To Sign Up:
Pre-registration is required, as we WILL sell out (Secure Your Spot Here)

Racing Rules:
All cars must pass drag tech.
- For safety purposes skinnies will NOT be allowed; cars will need to run a DOT approved tire.
NOTE: Proving Grounds officials reserve the right to refuse entry or disqualify an entry on the day of competition if officials deem the car unsafe or if a majority of fellow competitors object.

Classing & Competition Structure:
Cars will qualify into one of three classes. The top 16 cars will be in the Pro bracket, the next 16 will be in the Mod bracket and the next 16 will be in the Street bracket. Grudge matches (callouts) will be allowed as will test-n-tune runs even after elimination or if you fail to qualify for one of the three classes. We will have Brainerd International Raceways fantastic crew on hand to prep the racing surface throughout the day to ensure maximum traction.

Trophies & Awards
The top two in all three classes will receive bragging rights, BIR Bucks & trophies.

What to expect at the track Step-by-Step
Entry: When you enter the track, you'll receive an entry wrist band after paying your entry fee ($40 single day only).
Registration: You'll then check-in at the "Shirt Shack" located under the condo's and purchase your race entry. Here you'll sign a release form and show your valid driver's license in exchange for a Roll Racing Tech Card.
Tech: After fully completing your tech card, you'll drive your vehicle to tech located on the far side of the drag strip past the grandstands, where a safety/tech inspection will be performed on your car.
Staging lanes: Once you're registered, drive to the rear of the staging lanes and get ready to race.

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