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World Record 500hp 10th Gen Honda Civic Si 1.5T We did it!

Adam Runnoe  June 05 2019



You know the car, you know our goals, we want to have the world’s highest hp and fastest ET 10th gen Civic Si 1.5T.

Look no further because we are proud to present the World’s Highest hp Civic X 1.5T

  • All on stock bottom end
  • Stock ECU
  • Readily available pump fuel

Check out the video that walks through what it took to make this power, as well as the world record dyno pull and final horsepower numbers!

When we left you, last time, we were putting the finishing touches on the turbo kit, then setting up the suspension, brakes and making accommodations for the Belak wheels and Mickey Thompson tires.

See our previous 10th Gen Build Update blog post here.


Garrett Gen2 GTX3071R

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been hustling hard to finalize our prototype turbo kit. We know we’ve kept it a secret, but the turbo we used is the…

Garrett Gen2 GTX3071R which was used to really push the power expectations of the platform as high as we can with the amount of room this engine bay, which is very limited as you can see


Our biggest challenge we had to overcome to set this record was getting enough fuel to the engine, as many have also seen in their own attempts. Let’s walk through the 3 main steps we took to add the fuel we needed to make this power.

Walbro 525lph High Performance In-Tank Fuel Pump | (F90000285)

Step one: Add more lift pump. Using a high pressure, high flow Walbro 525 pump, we were able to substantially increase the fuel flow through the fuel system to allow for additional injectors without worry about the direct injectors starving for fuel.


Billet fuel rail spacer for more injectors

Step two, add more injectors. As you probably know the 1.5T is a direct injection engine so we developed an easy to install billet spacer designed to add fuel injectors and optimize the fuel injector nozzle position in relation to the intake track.  

Step three, add a means to control the fuel… we piggybacked of the stock ECU and are using a prototype kit for testing, but through further development, we will be to be able to supply an affordable and user-friendly method for tuning these additional injectors.  Over the coming weeks, we will be working hard to finalize the details of how this will plug into the existing car and be mounted… stay tuned as we finalize our development.

So that is it! Now that you know a little bit about the car, let’s get to the world record dyno pull!

10th Gen Honda Civic 1.5T World Record

Just to remind everyone our dyno is an industry standard Dynojet 424x which is basically two state of the art 224Xs paired together and are capable of measuring 1500 plus all wheel horsepower.  

At the time of our dyno pull the outdoor temperature is 87 degrees with 33% humidity.  

Let’s see what we are able to get out of this little motor.

 513 peak HP to the wheels with 379 ft lbs of torque!

There you have it.  513 peak HP to the wheels with 379 ft lbs of torque!   

Once again… this is a stock bottom end vehicle

  • stock pistons
  • stock rods
  • stock block
  • stock crank
  • running fuel available from the local gas station(Roughly E60 at the time of this video),
  • running a stock ECU making that power.  Now there is a supplemental controller that is required to operate the injectors, to be completely fair, but the stock ECU is really running the majority of the show.

One record down and one to go!

Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook, as we aim to run a world record pass and make this car the fastest Civic Si 1.5T in the world!



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