Top Evo X Exterior Mods (Under $500)

Top Evo X Exterior Mods (Under $500)

Jun 04, 2020Charlie Mayne

In my opinion, the Evo X is like the ugly sister to the hot chick up the street. The Evo’s leading up to the X were always really aggressive looking and obviously had that rally look to them. Now imagine you go off to college and come back to realize that ugly chick got way hotter after high school! That’s what this list of exterior mods will do to your Evo X. Each of these mods will run you less than $500, so this is something you could do here and there to eventually have a badass looking Evo X. Unless you’re a baller, then feel free to click every link down below and add them to cart! 

Now if you’re new to our content then you’re going to want to make sure you subscribe on Youtube and check out some of our other content because we do actually have an Evo X build we JUST started on our channel so make sure you watch the intro video to that series right after this! Also, if you’ve seen our Evo X build series launch video, you’ll have to let me know which of these I need for my build! With how messed up the front bumper is, #1 is going to be big for me!

Anyways, stick around for our list of top Evo X mods, because your Evo and mine, desperately need it!


1.    Carbon Fiber Everything

Now, when I say carbon fiber everything I’m talking about all the little accent pieces you put on that make your car really stand apart from everyone else, and one really big one!

At the top of my list, the APR Front Splitter. Overall, I think what makes the Evo X boring in stock form is the “sedan” vibe it gives off, and the front bumper in my opinion is the worst. So if you’re asking me, this mod is a MUST HAVE.
APR Front Splitter (CW-489110/CW-411096) $398

In addition to the front splitter, these carbon fiber pieces will help pull the car together and add some aggressive accents to otherwise boring sections of the car!
Rexpeed J Panels (R113) $122
Rexpeed Carbon Fiber Vortex Generator (R-EX-9801) $322
Rexpeed Carbon Fiber Canards (R90) $276
Rexpeed Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop Vent (R132) $244


2.    Beatrush License Plate Holder $68

This is a little thing, that makes a big difference. Especially if you live somewhere where you are required to have a front plate. I’ve said it before, but this little change can make a big difference to the overall look of your front end.

3.    Cusco Rear Window Vents $270

Got pets? No? Ever wanna go to the track and not sweat to death? Also no? Wanna just look cool and have track oriented parts on your daily? Cool! These rear window vents from Cusco add a little flare to the car that has really grown in popularity. And all jokes aside, they’re great for letting fresh air in for pet owners who don’t want to risk little skipper jumping out the rear window.

4.    Beatrush Rear Tow Hook $181

Now, I’m not sure how these became so popular, but for some reason people love them! If you’re looking for something relatively inexpensive that can add some character and personalization to your Evo, these are great! And not that many people buy them for the functionality, but if you do ever need to wench your car up somewhere, you’ve got easy access!

5.    Torque Solution Billet Antenna $20

Now, this is another one of those things that just became a requirement for me on my cars. I personally can’t stand the long antenna’s that make your car look like an RC car or a truck with some big ol’ whips on the back. You know… truck stuff. But for $20, I’d throw this guy on your next order and swap out the long antenna on the roof!

6.    Spyder Auto Projector Headlights $453

So, I couldn’t make the list without addressing the Evo X’s headlights. They’re just not appealing AT ALL… I love the look of these spyder headlights with black housing. It really helps bring the front end together when you add in the apr front lip and rexpeed canards mentioned earlier.

7.    Spyder Auto LED Taillights $371

Now, the only thing on the Evo X that I dislike more than the front bumper is the tail lights. And that’s only because I’m actually a HUGE fan of the rear end of this car, with the exception of the tail lights! These fix that issue and have some awesome LED’s that look great, and are also brighter than the stock set up.

Now, with that being said, there are some exterior mods that I would consider a must on this car that don’t fit the “under $500” stipulation. For example, I would argue that wheels fit the “exterior mod” description, but rarely can you find a legit set for less than $500, even on the used market. If you’re interested in our top 5 Evo X wheels video, check out the video here:

Other mods would be window deflectors, a rear diffuser, carbon fiber trunk, or even the apr carbon fiber wing! Love that look.

But that about wraps things up! Thanks for checking out our article about the top exterior mods for your Evo X!

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