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Top 5 Exhausts for Your Evo X

Charlie Mayne  February 20 2020


Every car enthusiast knows that the Mitsubishi Evo has a deep, rich history in the racing community. So it’s no surprise that the aftermarket support for this platform runs DEEP across every chassis they’ve ever produced. Their latest model, the Evo X quickly stole the hearts of all of us within the tuner community when it was released back in 2007. Today, we’re talking about the best exhausts for this legendary platform. And with every major manufacturer of aftermarket tuner car parts making something for this car, it was a long list to whittle down.

As mentioned in our last exhaust video, it’s worth noting that an exhaust actually works as a HP multiplier. With that being said, we’re frequently asked how much horsepower an exhaust will add to your car.  

So with this line up of exhausts, if your car is pushing close to factory horsepower numbers, the gains you could expect with any of these exhausts is in the 5-10hp range. However, if you’re doubling the numbers from the factory, then the HP gains you could expect would be significantly more.

We’re not giving you these in any specific order, but make sure you read this till the end because number 5 has some qualities you DON’T want to miss hearing about.


1. ETS V3 Extreme Exhaust System

    1. Weight: 22lbs
    2. Materials: Stainless Steel
    3. Price: $869.00



Key Takeaways:

It’s a great exhaust overall! Loud enough for the passionate enthusiast, lightweight, made of quality materials. If you want yours to be REALLY loud, we recommend our MAPerformance test pipe.


2. MAP 3" Single Exit Exhaust System

    1. Weight: 22lbs
    2. Materials: 304SS
    3. Price: $521.99

Key Takeaways:

Great sound, actually relatively aggressive! Very similar to other exhausts on the market and at a much lower price point!


3. Tomei Expreme Ti Cat-Back Exhaust

    1. Weight: 9.7lbs
    2. Materials: Titanium
    3. Price: $981.00

Key Takeaways:

Great value for the money! You really get what you’d expect from an exhaust that was designed for results on the track!


4. Invidia N1 Racing Cat-Back Titanium Tip Exhaust

    1. Weight: 35lbs
    2. Materials: 304SS
    3. Price: $527.11

Key Takeaways:

The Invidia N1 Titanium Catback Exhaust offers an amazing balance between price and performance. Not too aggressive, but sounds amazing!


5. HKS Hi-Power Dual Exhaust System

    1. Weight: 54lbs
    2. Materials: 304SS
    3. Price: $676.83

Key Takeaways:

Deep, low growling tone that really opens up when you want it to! Not too expensive, and who could complain about the big tips??


So that’s a wrap on our article about the top 5 exhausts for your EVO X! Now that you have all the info, which exhaust do you think you’ll use on your car?


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