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MAP Civic X 1.5T Intercooler Piping and Oil Cooler Kit Coming Soon!

Matthew Rogers  March 28 2019

Civic X 1.5T Intercooler Piping & Oil Cooler Kit by MAPerformance

Honda Civic X 1.5T performance upgrades have become incredibly popular since the platform was first released. We have some exciting things coming down the pipeline, and the release of our Intercooler Piping and Oil Cooler Kits for the Civic 1.5T are right around the corner!

Civic X 1.5T Intercooler Piping

The time has come, it’s time to ditch the plastic!

This is one of those parts you look at after you pop the hood on your new stock CIVIC and think to yourself, “wow I wish that was made out of stainless steel.” We have the solution for you, it is USA made and an awesome add on for both increased air flow and the overall look of your engine bay.

The OEM supplied plastic lines are designed to be flexible, because the OEM turbocharger has a plastic inlet which Honda likely wanted to reduce the risk of damaging with engine movement. As a result, the factory piping is soft, flexible and not routed smoothly or efficiently.All of our piping transitions were meticulously designed to ensure smooth airflow, long lasting, tight clamping force, and component protection.

This intercooler piping kit is made of 304SS and replaces your factory piping. This is a fantastic addition for those looking to run an aftermarket blow off valve, because after all WHO DOESN’T LIKE TURBO NOISES! We get rid of your factory bypass valve with our kit and replace it with a turbosmart dual port blow off valve. This blow off valve can be used in 50/50 mode, venting part of the air to atmosphere and recirculating the rest, or it can be used as a fully atmospheric for those who may enjoy a more quiet ride.

Civic X 1.5T Oil Cooler Kit

Most people focus on components that will only add power, when they set out to modify their cars, however, they often overlook the most critical component of their vehicle even after years of alterations. We recognize that a build is not complete unless all critical components have been looked at for weaknesses and we strive to provide options and solutions while we exhaustively research a platform’s potential.

What is more critical than the oiling system? Your vehicle’s oiling system provides a protective barrier between critical metal components. It is vital to have clean, cool oil lubricating your engine at all times. From the design of our billet oil filter adapter to the superior cooling power of our supplied setrab core, this is a perfect addition to your build. Whether auto-crossing, drag racing,roading racing or EVEN just daily driving the benefits of this oil cooler kit are added volume and capacity, increased cooling and resistance to thermal breakdown, provided in an easy to install, comprehensive package.

Our oil cooler kit adds not just superior cooling efficiency but we also opted to put a single 1/8th NPT provision to use for a temperature sensor or a oil pressure sensor. These key readouts are very important to keep your eyes on when pushing your Civic past it’s factory horsepower threshold. In addition you have a increased oil capacity of 1 quart. The addition of this quart allows for superior lubrication of critical engine components and allows for more oil to be in your engine when it counts the most. Retaining the factory undertray of your civic x is a breeze, our oil filter adapter moves the filter away from being the lowest point on the car this design is a industry first for the Civic X. From fittings to brackets this kit is all you need for a smooth and easy install!


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  • Martin: April 24, 2019

    Wow that looks incredible. Seen some good stuff from PRL’s intercooler, but honestly I’ve been noticing some big things from you guys. Highly considering it. When do you think it’ll be out? I’m trying to get the 27won turbo by next month so an upgrade will be needed soon.

  • Melvin fortin: April 16, 2019

    I volunteer to be a beta tester for the intercooler, I already have your intake, catted downpipe, front pipe and stage 2 tune in my 2018 si.

  • Jason Tiban: April 16, 2019

    When will this be available the piping and blow off valve ?

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