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How To Choose The Perfect Fuel Injector

Erik Blume  September 12 2017

Looking at Upgrading? Let us Help! 

Have upgraded your vehicle with a variety of aftermarket mods and now you want to get maximum power from those modifications? With so many different fuel injectors out there how do you know what size or brand is best for you?

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Looking to build a car with serious power, and turn heads on the street and strip or racetrack? You need to know the correct sized fuel injector that will get you there. What's the most important component in a racecar? Not the turbo, not the engine, and not the suspension. It's the fuel delivery system.


Fuel injectors are one of the most important pieces of the puzzle in building a fast car. Without correctly sized injectors, the car wont be able to make max power, and in some cases it wont run at all. It may even do damage if inadequate fuel enters the engine under heavy load. When shopping for fuel injectors, you want to consider the flow rates / pressure, impedance, and connection type

  • Flow Rate / PSI - Referred to in CC (cubic centimeters), this is how much fuel the injector will move over 1 minute.
  • Impedance - Simply put, it's the electrical resistance of the injector. Low impedance injectors are used on high performance applications, where high impedance injectors are commonly used on stock applications.
  • Connection Type - Some injectors are universal and must be crimped into the ECU harness to operation, where others are available with plug-and-play connections for simple installations.

We've built this handy Fuel Injector sizing calculator to help you determine how much flow you'll need. Simply enter your goal crank horsepower goal, the number of injectors (cylinders) your engine has, the correct number based on aspiration of your engine, and goal PSI at the rail. Have any questions about a specific number, or unsure how to use the calculator? Feel free to contact us today for assistance, and we'll take the stress out of the fuel delivery aspect of your build!

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  • Robert: September 20, 2018

    I am trying to figure out the flow rate of a stock 2005 f150 5.4 liter injector. I need to replace them and am wondering if it is worth upgrading to a better injector. I put a cold air intake and header back true dual exhaust on the truck and a minimal tune.

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