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Evo 11 here we come! Mitsubishi plotting to bring back the Lancer Evolution

Adam Runnoe  June 27 2019

Evo 11

Could it really be...


Given the current performance momentum behind the Renault platform and the Nissan Renault Mitsubishi alliance AND the new Mitsubishi CEO Takao Kato... who was instrumental in setting up a little group you might have heard of called Diamond Star Motors (DSM).

DSM Evo 11


The stage is set for a joint platform development cycle focusing on Renault's existing Nurburgring track time excitement... I honestly think an EVO return is likely.  Will it make it to the US?  Who knows... but I would almost bet that 2021-2022 would be a launch window for the platform, given the development track for the Renault project and Takao Kato's announcement that he will have a plan to get Mitsubishi back on track prepared and presented by Mid 2020. Fingers crossed!!!


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