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Why Choose a MAP-built Engine?

Erik Blume  January 06 2016

Choosing a professional for your built engine can be a difficult task, so here’s a few reasons why you can trust MAPerformance for your build!

Used engine blocks are prepared for assembly meticulously through our proprietary process.  All used core blocks are initially hot tanked, degreased and then baked (cast iron block only).  This step removes grease and loosens rust and corrosion from the block.  From there, blocks are shot peened or media blasted to prepare the surfaces for paint.  After that, all gasket mating points are flat sanded to ensure ideal sealing surfaces.  We then remove oil and freeze plugs from used blocks to clean all oil and coolant passageways.  Blocks are typically clearanced for connecting rods at the girdle or lower bore locations at this time and all 4G63 blocks have the secondary upper balance shaft oil feed port drilled and tapped for plug installation for balance shaft deletion.

After the first stage of prep work, the engine moves into machining.  The first standard machining process is resurfacing.  We machine the block head gasket mating surface to only the strictest Ra surface finish tolerances to achieve a mirror like result.  For applications where sleeves are to be installed, high quality ductile iron sleeves are precisely fit in block through complex machining. Critical measurements are then confirmed and the block is align honed for correct bearing tolerances as necessary.   Once the piston bore area has been prepared, the overbore process begins utilizing actual piston measurements to calculate the final desired bore size for each individual piston.  We use our own MAP specific torque plate to ensure precise bore shape with minimal (to within .0001”) taper is achieved.  After the bore is cut, we proceed to a 3 step proprietary honing process which is finished with a plateau hone for the absolute best cylinder wall finish for ultimate ring seating results.

After all machining and preparation work has been completed, our engines go back to final cleaning, where they are again hot tanked and all passageways cleaned to remove all debris and containments.  Oil plugs and new freeze plugs are then installed to specification before the block receives a high temperature priming coat and a high temperature final coat of paint (used blocks only).

In instances where used cranks are used, whether MAP supplied or customer supplied, MAP will only use suitable cranks for high horsepower applications.  We will not use remanufactured cranks or cranks that require a cutting step for bearing surface preparation.  All surfaces are inspected and measured for correct specification and clearances.  Sludge traps are removed and then drilled and tapped for serviceable fitting installation.  Cranks are then hot tanked and degreased before being precision micro polished and balanced to our exacting specifications (within 1 gram).


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