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2015 Subaru WRX Exhaust Full Comparison

Erik Blume  September 18 2019

Shootout - Cobb, Tomei Titanium, Invidia N1, and Q300!

Over the last few months we installed a few exhausts on our 2015 Subaru WRX. We tested the sound, performance and quality of each and are delivering the results to you! Below you will find everything you need to know to make an informed purchase between our 4 favorite exhausts.

COBB Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust (COB 515131)

Link to Product Page

  • $1295
  • 4 Tip
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Straight Exit
  • 3" Piping
  • 89mm Tips
  • No silencers
  • 1yr Warranty
  • Hardware included
  • 44lbs
  • Loudness rank (1 being loudest): #3

Tomei EXPREME Titanium Catback Exhaust (TOM 440018)

Link to Product Page

  • $1035
  • 1 Tip
  • Full Titanium
  • Angled Exit
  • 3" Piping
  • 115mm Tips
  • Included Silencer
  • No Warranty
  • Hardware included
  • 15.8lbs
  • Loudness rank (1 being loudest): #2

Invidia Dual N1 Titanium Tips Catback Exhaust (INV HS15STIGTT)

Link to Product Page

  • $800
  • 2 Tips
  • 304 Stainless Steel (Titanium Tips)
  • Angled Exit
  • 3" Piping
  • 101mm Tips
  • Included Silencers
  • 1yr Warranty
  • Hardware included
  • 41.8lbs
  • Loudness rank (1 being loudest): #1

Invidia Q300 Catback Exhaust (INV HS15STIG3S)

Link to Product Page

  • $964
  • 4 Tips
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Straight Exit
  • 3" Piping
  • 110mm Tips
  • No Silencers
  • 1yr Warranty
  • Hardware included
  • 68lbs
  • Loudness rank (1 being loudest): #4
  That wraps up our exhaust testing for now! We are beginning R&D / Testing for our first round of bolt ons from MAPerformance. Stay tuned!

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  • Paul Ownbey: January 03, 2019

    What about ETS extreme?

  • Shawn: December 26, 2018

    So they all sound pretty good but in your opinion what one sounds the best a good aggressive sound I’m trying to find one that is a lot louder then stock but not crazy if you were going to buy one what would you get? Lol sorry I’ve been searching and searching and I listen to a bunch of different ones but different videos sound different and comments are always different thank you for any help

  • Antonio Alonso: November 10, 2015

    can you do that nameless sound and corsa

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