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Radium Engineering Surge Tank Installation Guide

Erik Blume  September 18 2019

Radium Surge Tank Install & Review

Recently we performed a Radium Engineering fuel surge tank installation on a 2005 Subaru STI at our Minnesota based performance shop. It is a relative straight forward install, and was done in a short amount of time. You'll need some wiring skill, but otherwise it's a simple design and the install is as simple as running a few fuel lines and drilling a few holes for the optional mounting bracket. Below are a few photo's highlighting the installation process. The purpose of a fuel surge tank is to prevent your Subie from fuel system starvation when running at a low fuel level, under hard cornering, or drag racing. EFI car pump runs at very high pressure and the fuel is circulated to the fuel rail and back very rapidly, and if the pickup becomes uncovered momentarily, the pump could draw in air and purge all of the fuel from the entire system. In that moment, the injectors would be getting no fuel and the engine would cut out. This is particularly dangerous with a turbocharged engine like the one in the Subaru WRX. A sudden lean mixture condition at high speeds could result in serious engine damage, leaving your high performance rally machine nothing but a glorified yard-ornament. If you're contemplating a WRX /  STI surge tank stay tuned. We are in the final stages of R&D on a complete kit which will include this Radium Surge Tank along with all of the necessary fittings, hoses and mounting brackets for a pain free installation! Enough of the technical information, here are the pictures!  radium-engineering-surge-tank surge-tank-radium-engineering We mounted this Surge Tank horizontally in the trunks spare tire recession. It made the most sense when taking into consideration the wiring for both the power and the plumbing for the cars gas tank. radium-tank-wrx   Two hoses enter the rear from the tank (right side leads). From this angle, you can see the wiring leading up the rear of the car to a power source. The hoses on the left side route to the fuel pump. radium-wrx-surge-tank Here you see the plumping to the Walboro 400 fuel pump. sti-radium-surge-tank Here is a photo from under the car showing the fuel tank side of the plumping. Our Subaru WRX/STI surge tank kit hoses run up and over the rear subframe and into the tank. There is no rubbing or interference from the suspension by running it this way. sti-wrx-surge-radium Questions regarding the installation of the Radium Surge Tank? Don't hesitate to ask!

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