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Evo X Exhaust Manifold Dyno Testing Results - Can you handle the truth?

Erik Blume  September 18 2019

Test Overview

As a follow up to our recent Evo 8 & 9 testing we decided to bring in another car and test a few exhaust manifold upgrades that we offer for the Evo X platform. Our customer Dave's Evo X has a long list of mods you can find them listed out at the bottom of this post. We used Dave's more conservative street tune for the testing, keep in mind that no changes to the tune / boost level / etc. were made during this testing so those numbers do fluctuate a little bit. It's also important to note that the baseline here is an MAP ported stock manifold, enjoy!

MAP Ported Exhaust Manifold vs. MAP "Short Runner" Exhaust Manifold

Boost was a touch higher between 4500-5500, but there were substantial gains throughout the power band! As you can see it spools a little slower but power output is very similar during spool up. +26whp & +13ft/lbs over our ported stock manifold for just $569.99 shipped? I think we had better place another stocking order!

MAP Ported Exhaust Manifold vs. MAP Tubular Exhaust Manifold for Evo X

Our in-house fabricated tubular manifold performed admirably with peak gains of 24whp & 18ft/lbs over the ported stock manifold, but we were surprised to say the least that it came in 10whp less peak than the short runner above (although the short runner appears to have been at a higher boost level when it achieved peak whp). We decided to make a revision to the routing of one of the runners and were pleasantly surprised by the results as gains up to +33whp & +26ft/lbs were realized. Needless to say this revision will now be permanent.

MAP Ported Exhaust Manifold vs. FID Tubular Exhaust Manifold

In response to recent testing done by one of our competitors (and due to the fact that I wanted to see this with my own two eyes) we took it upon ourselves to order up an FID manifold and perform another comparison in house. Below you will find a comparison to the MAP ported stock manifold and then our revised MAP tubular manifold. Absolutely nothing was changed in regards to tune, in fact no MAP employee touched a laptop while in or around this vehicle (the owner logged the runs). Even with that being said I'm certain there will still be those that doubt the legitimacy of this testing, hate on haters as I saw what I needed to see

Test Car Mod List-

  • Buschur Bullet Exhaust
  • UR Testpipe
  • AMS Downpipe
  • Primo 3.5" intake
  • FP black - ported heat coated
  • Blouch 21psi WGA
  • AMS Spec JE pistons
  • Manley TT rods
  • Cosworth bearings
  • stock sleeves
  • stock crank
  • Built head - Ported/polished
  • +1mm valves (supertech)
  • supertech springs
  • GSC S2 cams
  • Baseline w/ported and Coated stock manifold
  • DW 1400cc Injectors
  • MAP AFPR kit
  • BlaqOps Progressive boost double pumper
  • E70 fuel
  • ACT 6 puck w/ ACT streetlite flywheel
  • Magnus CMC

Please contact us for unbeatable pricing on these products, also keep in mind we will match or beat any competitors pricing on so called “package deals”!

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  • Doug: October 29, 2016

    We are interested in the MAP Exhaust Manifold dyno testing you posted about 5+ years ago, for the EVO 8/9 (I know, late to the game!). The link provided in this comparison above no longer has the EVO 8/9 testing/dyno plot images intact. Is there another source for the 8/9 plots?

    The over gains for the long tube header look promising but we’re interested in seeing the mid-to-low gains (losses?) as well.

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