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2017 Honda Civic Clutch Masters Install

Adam Neujahr  February 23 2018

2017 Honda Civic Clutch Masters FX250 Street Clutch Kit Install

We wanted to share some recent pictures with you of our 2017 Civic Si getting a brand new Clutch Masters FX250 Kit! We were playing around with some tuning solutions on the vehicle in stock form and were seeing bad slipping after minimal modifications to the stock tune. So we replaced the clutch on our shop Si with this Clutch Masters option, we had found that the OEM clutch had similar clamp load to that of a non turbo Honda clutch which is obviously going to be a problem for these engines as they're considerably more torque heavy than your conventional NA Honda engine. 

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  • Chris Lineberry: July 16, 2018

    Just a little FYI. You do not have to remove subframe to put that clutch in. I put the fx 250 in my 2017 si yesterday in the driveway. Only took me about 4 hours.the transmission will slid back far enough to get your ratchet your 3/8 torque wrench and alignment tool in and out.just make sure you tell and friend or in my case my wife to rotate the you can tighten up pressure plate in a cross pattern. I used a sharp to mark the bolts so I know they have been tighten to spec.

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