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MegaSquirt ECU & Engine Management

What does a Megasquirt ECU do?

Whether you plan on turbocharging or supercharging, or just want to break into the world of tuning your vehicle yourself, you should plan to use a standalone ECU (engine control unit). Modern vehicles have computers, or engine control units that control how much fuel is injected into the engine, wide range of spark ignition, making sure you don’t rev your engine too high, and stabilizing idle. 

A Megasquirt replaces your ECU, but with one key difference:

You’ll now be able to plug a laptop into your ECU and make changes to all of those functions. The biggest advantage to this is when you want to modify your engine. For example, when you install a turbocharger, the small stock fuel injectors struggle to provide adequate amounts of fuel. Obviously, the easiest way to fix this is by adding bigger fuel injectors. But the stock engine control unit isn’t programmed to control bigger fuel injectors, so the car wouldn’t run efficiently. 

With Megasquirt EFI, a reliable kit, you have complete and total control of your fueling with electronic fuel injection with the full featured ECU, no matter the size of your fuel injectors. It’s truly the easiest and most reliable choice.

Does a Megasquirt self tune?

While Megasquirt comes preprogrammed, you can use an autotune feature without much depth knowledge of EFI and only a few adjustments. With Megasquirt’s ability to autotune with software, your ECU will be running efficiently, effectively, and your only concern will be handling your vehicle on that night drive. 

What’s the difference between a Megasquirt and a Microsquirt?

As you know, traditional Megasquirt is a complex standalone ECU unit that controls (and lets you control) every facet of your engine. A Microsquirt can be used as a basic ECU or transmission control unit with expansion capabilities. 

In other words, the Microsquirt has many of the same capabilities a Megasquirt has, only with less outputs.

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