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Oil Catch Cans

If you care about your engine you'll install a Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) oil catch can. This separates oil, fuel and water that your PCV system otherwise moves back into the manifold. When that happens surfaces get coated in nasty black gunk, your fuel/air mixture shifts and you risk oil contamination. A dirty mass airflow sensor can upset performance and fuel economy, and in a boosted engine gunk can even reduce intercooler efficiency. Every engine benefits from an oil catch can installation, but the benefits are greater on older engines with greater cylinder/ring blow-by.

The PCV system is there for emissions. It doesn't care about your engine. When you install an oil catch can you're adding a bowl that collects oil mist and condensed fuel and water. This settles to the bottom and stays there until you drain it at the next oil change. A drain plug makes that an easy job, and some catch cans even have a sight window so you can see when they need emptying. High-quality catch cans add a filter that catches more gunk and feeds cleaner air back to the manifold.

Boosted engines need a more sophisticated catch can systems. Increased manifold pressure can reverse flow through the PCV, so make sure you buy an appropriate kit. Look for a check valve along with all the hoses and fittings.

At MAPerformance we carry oil catch can kits that fit almost every vehicle. Whether you're driving an Evo, a WRX or something else, we have what you need. The kits we carry come from premium manufacturers like Mishimoto, Boomba Racing and Radium Engineering and they include everything you'll need. You'll get the catch pan itself plus mounting bracket(s) hoses and pipe fittings. And best of all, you'll get the support of MAPerformance technical specialists should you find you need some help. Don't delay, show your engine some love right now!

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