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Radium Engineering Single Pump Fuel Surge Tank (20-0960)
Radium Engineering Single Pump Fuel Surge Tank (20-0960)
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HKS HI-FLOW SURGE TANK | Nissan R35 GT-R (13008-AN002)
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Once you’ve determined how much fuel your engine needs, it’s time to make sure your car is capable of providing it. After all, you wouldn’t figure out the optimal amount of pizza for a party (answer: all the pizza), then only order half of it. High-horsepower engines need lots of fuel, and the fuel system needs to be able to provide it while also accounting for sudden change. At MAP, we have the fuel pumps and surge tanks you need to ready your system for any racing or custom application.

Every electric in-tank fuel pump we carry is rigorously tested for flow rate and reliability on high-output engines, whether naturally aspirated or forced induction. Installing an aftermarket fuel pump from Aeromotive, Deatschwerks, AEM and other top brands will significantly increase fuel flow across wide pressure ranges. Their compact design helps them run cooler while reducing weight, and they install easily on your vehicle. Drivers with old-school carbureted muscle car engines can find compatible fuel pumps as well.

When you’re constantly accelerating and decelerating on a track, fuel pressure can shift rapidly, and a good surge tank will help smooth out these pressure changes. Adding a fuel cell surge tank acts as a buffer, filling up when fuel pressure increases and then emptying when pressure drops, so you can get the right amount of fuel without fancy hoses or fittings. Radium surge tanks are available with or without pumps and will work with any type of fuel.

MAP carries a number of fuel pump kits and surge tank kits, both in-house and from manufacturers, with all fuel lines, fuel fittings and hardware needed for a comprehensive yet easy installation. You can also order fuel tank accessories to create your own custom kit. Whatever route you choose, you’ll enjoy a supreme ordering experience with our low prices, same-day order fulfillment, fast shipping and expert service from people who live to work on cars. If you have fuel system questions – or want to send us a pizza, because we’re not so good at making those – we can be reached easily by phone, email or live chat.