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Torque Solution

Torque Solution parts and components from Modern Automotive Performance will help improve your sport compact or other performance vehicles with quality upgrades for stock parts.

If we printed a paper catalog of all the parts we offered, we may not be able to afford the ink it would take to list everything Torque Solution makes. Fortunately, this is the internet, and 1s and 0s have no limits, so check that long list for yourself. If you call us, we’ll save time by telling you what Torque Solution doesn’t make.

The company got its start in 2008 and quickly set itself apart with some of the best engine mounts in the industry. Both hardcore enthusiast and street customers were so impressed that they started requesting other components from the company, and we’re guessing that they never said no to an idea.

Here’s the thing: All of their products have outstanding quality. Our gearheads and grease monkeys test countless parts in performance cars to make sure they perform as advertised. That way, we don’t waste time or money on parts that we wouldn’t install in our own cars. Whether it’s a blow off valve, cam gear cover, fuel rail adapter, throttle body spacer, wideband oxygen sensor, short shifter, bumper quick release or even a stubby antenna, we’ve been impressed by what the company produces.

If you’re working on sprucing up your project car in a general sense, or if you have a major system upgrade in mind, parts and components from Torque Solution will earn their keep and protect your investment. Contact us today and tell us all about your project car. We love talking shop with fellow race enthusiasts, and we’ll also be your personal pit crew and recommend Torque Solution parts that will help you achieve whatever finish line you are focusing on.