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If you haul your racer by trailer and tackle nothing but drag strips and straight-line time trials, then you have no need of a sway bar. But in our experience, that represents a small segment of drivers. Most drivers will, in fact, need to turn their vehicle at a higher rate of speed at some point — if they have aspirations of winning, that is. That means in addition to other racers, you’ll compete against centrifugal force — when you turn, the mass of your car will want to keep going straight.

A good, high-performance sway bar helps you fight that outward momentum and stay on track. Most OEM sway bars are intended for normal driving habits, and just aren’t built for the types of sudden, sharp turns you will need to make in an average race. That’s where these high-quality sway bars come in. They have been made by the industry’s best names, such as Eibach, Cusco, Tanabe and Whiteline, with quality machining to exacting standards, and feature the precise specifications for your model.

If you have racing in your plans, a good sway bar is a no-brainer. These suspension upgrades can also benefit a daily driver who enjoys driving their car. Whether you’re driving miles for your daily commute or because you love touring, a quality sway bar will improve your handling and suspension, no matter what the road serves up.

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