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The Driveshaft Shop

The Driveshaft Shop’s strong reputation has consistently made them the place to go for high-performance drive shafts and the highest quality CV axles. If you want carbon fiber and aluminum 1-piece driveshaft parts or steel/Chromoly driveline components in your car, then their team of driveshaft professionals and Driveshaft Shop engineers has what you need.

No longer are the days of not being able to find high-quality products for driveshafts and driveline individual components with materials like carbon fiber! MAPerformance carries Driveshaft Shop axles like domestic axles and custom CV axles, axle kits, and other driveshaft components.

So, What Are DSS Driveshafts?

Driveshaft Shop driveshaft products are mechanical 1pc driveshafts & heavy-duty CV axles that connect the engine to the transmission. The Driveshaft Shop has been helping both professional and hobbyist racers with their driveshafts for over 30 years.

The one-piece steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber driveshafts ensure unbeatable reliability and a more balanced & durable product.

MAPerformance is proud to carry Driveshaft Shop products

If you're looking to make your racing dreams come true on the track, the Driveshaft Shop can get you one step closer. For over 30 years they've been designing axles and driveshafts for racing events and performance teams, providing systems that can handle anything from 400 to 1,000 HP.

And while they manufacture some of the most powerful carbon fiber components on the market, they also bring their customers a dynamic balance and dependability. That's why at MAPerformance we carry a full selection of import and domestic axles and driveshafts by the Driveshaft Shop – so you can head into the next racing event at the track feeling confident in your gear.

MAPerformance is proud to carry Driveshaft Shop performance driveshaft and axle inventory because of their superior build quality. With higher welding standards and quality checks, Driveshaft Shop ensures top performance with improved durability for high-performance vehicles. Also, each component is made with high-end materials like carbon fiber to better handle tougher driving conditions.

MAPerformance carries Driveshaft Shop with total confidence knowing that drivers can maximize RPMs for more torque at the wheels.

Whether you are looking for a high-quality carbon fiber driveshaft for your professional racing vehicle, daily driver, or a weekend warrior car, you can trust in MAPerformance and Driveshaft Shop to deliver the power you need.