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Evo 8/9 Downpipe Upgrade for OEM O2 Housings

Posted on 18 August 2015

OEM Fitment Downpipe for factory Evo 8/9 O2 Housings from MAPerformance!

There are many reasons people decide to keep the factory turbocharger setup on their Evo 8/9. Not everyone wants to go all-out with their performance modifcations, and this is totally understandable. In the past, the most readily available modification to the Evo 8/9 was a O2 Eliminator 3" downpipe. While a great modification in itself, it isn't the most practical for those wanting to make only a few mods. MAPerformance has developed a solution for those looking to retain the factory or OEM style O2 Housings with the added benefits of  larger diameter downpipe. Made from 3" mandrel bent 304-stainless steel tubing, the MAPerformance OEM Fitment Downpipe for the Evo 8/9 will increase power and allow the turbocharger to work more efficiently by reducing the restriction in exhaust flow leaving the turbo.


  • OEM ball style flange connection to the O2 housing
  • 3" mandrel bent 304 stainless steel tubing
  • integrated wideband bung
  • Has a 3" interlocking liner stainless flex
  • Hand tig welded


  • Reuses your oem spring bolts to connect to the O2 housing
  • Comes with gasket and bolts for rear flange
  • Made in the USA
This Evo 8/9 Downpipe has been wonderfully crafted out of 3" mandrel bent Rath Gibson tubing. It features a ball style flange connection at the O2 housing which allows for easily mating to the factory setup. Utilizing a 3" interlocking liner stainless flex section, everything has been hand tig welded by our expert fabricators. Replacement gaskets and bolts are included, making this the ultimate upgrade package! If you have any questions regarding the Evo 8/9 OEM Fitment 3" downpipe, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below! We're happy to assist and get you lined up with the best performance parts for your Mitsubishi Evolution! Be sure to keep an eye on the MAP blog, and stay tuned for future updates!

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